Three eYeka Creators Fetaured in Panasonic’s Latest Campaign

Yesterday, Panasonic Corporation announced the launch of its latest digital campaign for its ultra-high definition VIERA 4KTV. Panasonic’s innovative advertising campaign features original videos by winners of the Viera 4K contest (Niwina and aceblvd from France & JulianCa from Colombia) which took place on eYeka recently. The best videos were chosen by WIRED Magazine, Panasonic and eYeka.

The above video shows Joël Céré, our Global Insights & Innovation Director, presenting the results of the campaign. So far, famous publications like Adobo, Marketing, Cnet, Mumbrella, Campaign, The Drum and Wired have covered the story, make sure to check them out. Find out more on eYeka’s press release about the campaign.


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The Legal Responsibilities Of Crowdsourcing Stakeholders, by Eric Favreau #eYekalegal

Revue Lamy Droit de l’immatériel 106In our effort to educate about crowdsourcing and provide some useful content to all those who are interested in it, we are (also) writing articles in specialized journals. Here is an English introduction into some of the points made in an article called “Role and responsibilities of crowdsourcing actors” (“Rôle et responsabilité des acteurs du crowdsourcing”) published in the July issue of the Revue Lamy Droit de l’Immatériel, a French law journal that focuses on intellectual property and digital activities.

In the article, I describe in a legal perspective and under French law, how the different actors of crowdsourcing (companies, crowdsourcing platforms and participants) interact during a collaborative promotion and what their respective responsibilities are. As it is only available in French, here’s a set of exceprts summarized in English, for all to read. It’s a perfect preparatory read for next week’s legal webinar!

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What Aimée, eYeka’s Legal Intern, Learnt About Crowdsourcing From a Legal Perspective


Over the last 8 months, Aimée Perney has been eYeka’s legal intern, helping us simplifying the user experience of contest participants and explaining legal aspects of crowdsourcing to our clients. Aimée’s journey at eYeka is coming to an end, we had a brief chat with her about her experience at eYeka and crowdsourcing from a legal perspective. Read on to find out what she had to say about eYeka and her legal perspective about creative crowdsourcing. Continue reading

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Join Our “Creative Crowdsourcing From A Legal Perspective” Webinar on July 23rd at 6PM CEST #eYekaLegal

Click to access webinar registration page

Click to access webinar registration page

Creative crowdsourcing is increasingly used by companies to spur their innovation and improve their marketing efforts. But how does it work on a legal perspective? We know from experience that many (many!) questions arise when we present eYeka, questions like: Do creators who participate give up the IP rights on their entries? How can the crowdsourcing platform help brands and creators handle the transfer of IP rights? Do creators get paid for transferring their IP rights? How does the crowdsourcing platform manage participation by underage creators?

In order to provide some answers to these questions, we’re hosting a free webinar on Wednesday July 23rd at 6PM CEST (6PM in Paris, 12PM in New York City, 9AM in Los Angeles). Continue reading

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We Will Be At The Cannes Lions Advertising Festival, Get in Touch With Us Using #eYecannes

As a sign that crowdsourcing has definitely entered the creative industry’s mainstream agenda, eYeka will be an official sponsor at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2014. We will be sponsoring the Young Cyber Lions Competition, which will challenge teams to create an integrated social media campaign, and speaking at the Jim Stengel Young Marketers Academy, a week-long course for young professionals that addresses the importance of creativity in communications. If you happen to be in Cannes between June 15th and 21st, you also can get in touch with us using the #eYecannes hashtag. Continue reading

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My Crowdsourcing Week Presentation “How Naïve Experts Can Help Brands Generate Breakthroughs”

Online communities are a wealth of talent, creativity and resources that can elevate brands and its outreach. In this presentation, given at Crowdsourcing Week Brussels on June 5th 2014, I introduced the audience to the way brands are finding their breakthrough in crowds of “naïve experts” as we like to call them at eYeka. Continue reading

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A Belgian Millennial Inspired an Ad Campaign for Schweppes in Australia

Belgian idea inspired an Australian Brand

A Belgian idea inspired an Australian Brand

Have you ever wondered if your budding creativity could inspire an ad campaign for big brands on the other side of the World? Then let us inspire you. eYeka would like to share the story of our Belgian creator whose creativeness and idea inspired a successful advertising campaign for Schweppes in Australia. Read on to find out how he did it!

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