The eYeka Companion App Is Now Available For Download

Click to reado our official press release

At eYeka, we work hard to present our community members with opportunities to grow as creatives. We know time is of the essence and we believe the companion app will help them connect to briefs and questions whenever and wherever they want.

We are happy to present you the first version of eYeka companion app, available both for Android and for iPhone (and the Windows Phone version should follow shortly)!  Designed to support our community member’s creative process, our app is the best way for them to get notified when contests and questions are available from leading brands.  This is the first version of the app and it is just the beginning of more crowdsourcing innovation! We look forward to your feedback and wish you all the best in our upcoming contests. For more information and images of eYeka’s companion app, read our press release.

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Want To Get More Of Your 2015 Marketing Budget? Think Crowdsourcing!

francois petavy 2013Dear all,

Many of us need to plan for more with less in 2015, and I believe we can help.

Millennials already spend the majority of their media time on digital devices and it is no surprise 56% of marketers believe their digital marketing spend will overtake traditional media in the next two years. So, developing a robust video content strategy that privileges engagement, shareability and relevance is especially attractive to marketers.

In the social space, brands need to be “always-on” beyond the traditional campaign-based model, and this requires volumes of fresh & authentic content. For most brands, this also means having to leverage alternative, savvy, cost-efficient production models. Continue reading

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Eric Favreau, eYeka’s Head Of Legal, Will Host A Breakfast Session On October 24th

crowdsourcing creative perspective eric favreau singapore

Creative crowdsourcing is increasingly used by companies to spur their innovation and improve their marketing efforts. Both brands and agencies see it as a valuable source of creative inspiration and content creation. But how does this innovative model work on a legal perspective? Many questions arise, like: Continue reading

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A Trend Report Based on Crowdsourced Retail Ideas

From Transaction To Attraction Retail Trend Report

At eYeka, an experienced team of strategic planners analyzes the entries that are being submitted to contests, delivering either a simple analysis (thematic clustering, recommendation on potential routes) or a deep analysis (goes further into unlocking insights and trends, often through semiotic analysis) to our clients. Over time, this activity also allows us to identify overarching trends, especially when several contests have the same topic, like retail.

We have analyzed 10 retail projects launched on our platform by large FMCG companies to look for innovative and groundbreaking retail ideas, totaling more than 500 ideas generated by consumers. We found the same attachment for a “physical” shopping experience, and something more: the eYeka community gave us their answers about what makes the brick-and-mortar stores hard to remove from our shopping habits. Here are 5 crowdsourced retail trends. Continue reading

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First Print Ad Campaign Displays Connection Of Brands And Creatives Through Crowdsourcing

The six current versions of our print ads

How do you get crowdsourcing’s most impactful stories noticed by marketers? The first thing is obviously to have a great online platform, a vibrant creative community and a thriving client base. We do our best to showcase all three of these in our various communication and sales efforts.

But beyond that, as firm believers in content marketing, we believe that there is always a need to communicate about what a company does both online or offline. We already share crowdsourcing success stories on YouTube, we spread crowdsourcing-related content on SlideShare, we go to crowdsourcing conferences, we speak to the media and much more. Here’s an example of our communication efforts in the offline world – that of print media. Look at these print ads that are currently running in worldwide leading marketing publications, and don’t hesitate to tell us what you think about them!

Continue reading

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How Eurostar Took Its Brand Storytelling To The Next Level

In October 2013, Eurostar launched its “Stories Are Waiting” campaign, in which the brand shared stories of real people and places in London and Paris through a series of TV adverts. As part of this campaign, the brand also launched a contest on eYeka, asking the global creative community to submit witty and funny videos that tell stories of the unexpected things they have discovered in one of Eurostar’s destinations. Continue reading

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What Are The Risks Of Using Crowdsourcing?

Click to access Dr. Gebert's Linkedin profile

Click to access Dr. Gebert’s Linkedin profile

How risky is it to use crowdsourcing? What are companies afraid of? What risks are experienced crowdsourcing practitionners aware of and how do they manage it? These questions are being addressed by Dr. Michael Gebert’s thesis, which sought to provide an understanding of the risks associated with crowdsourcing, the potential of the concept to improve business practices and possible strategies that can be used to manage the
identified risks.

His research showed that crowdsourcing’s most salient perceived risk is not external (like the risk of leaking confidential information to the crowd, or not knowing what the crowd will come up with) but internal, and he calls it “turbulence risk.” Here’s a Q&A with Dr. Gebert, one of Germany’s leading crowdsourcing experts and thought leaders. Continue reading

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