85% of the Top 100 Global Brands Use Crowdsourcing – Here’s How

The State of Crowdsourcing 2015 Trend Report

For the first time since 2006, a report takes a step back to look at the evolution of  crowdsourcing over time and help you see clearly. The « State of Crowdsourcing 2015″ trend report uses objective data spanning activity from over 10 years to extract important insights about the state of crowdsourcing, and how it is used for marketing and innovation. Continue reading

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The Quirkiest eYeka Video (Ever?)

eYeka Story Video by Burb Studio

In 2012, we launched a contest called « eYeka Story » in which we asked our community members to tell the eYeka story in a visually creative, thought-provoking and engaging ways so that everyone understands how eYeka can change the world for the better. We received many great videos, one of which (the winner!) we use on YouTube. We recently browsed through all the submissions again, and found this quirky, funny, off-beat video from two Russian creators. Continue reading

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The 3 Best-Ranked eYeka Members Are Women

Top 3 eYeka Members

eYeka is a company with a team, customers and naturally a community! Since January, 2015, there are 300 000 members on eYeka. But who are they? What they do make? In this post, we are looking at the top eYeka members, ranked by Creative Score, a measure which we introduced in April last year and reflects activity and performance on the platform. You will see that the three top creators are women, and that a variety of continents are represented, which is fantastic to highlight!! Continue reading

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eYeka Creators Rock Cannes Lions 2015

eyeka flip 3eYeka had the privilege to speak at the prestigious Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity today. Our session » What if your creative director was 25 years old? » was designed to spur agencies and marketers to open up their mind, and their model if they wanted to harness millennials’ creative talents. On stage, Joel Cere, Strategy and Innovation Director and 2 talented eYeka members: Nirina Ragomaharisoa et Charly Dheulin.

Continue reading

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Same Mission, Different Platform: How eYeka Has Evolved Since 2007

photo evolution

When eYeka launched in 2007, we saw ourselves as a platform that connects amateur creatives with brands and media outlets (see eYeka’s first press coverage). Our mission hasn’t changed much, the main difference between the very first version of our website and the current one is just the central role of contests. Today, eYeka offers end-to-end solutions from ideation, curation, validation to amplification, helping marketers to succeed in a competitive and fast-moving world (see our crowdsourcing success stories). To put things into perspective, let us take you back through time and show you how our platform evolved since 2007. Continue reading

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Some Screenshots Of eYeka Before/After Our Website Redesign

eYeka Creative Landing Page BEFORE and AFTERLast year, we presented a new version of eYeka, our responsive website which focused on allowing creative individuals to better showcase their skills and personal stories to brands. While we were very happy with the new design and received a lot of positive feedback about it, we also noticed that there was still room for improvement, particularly when it comes to explaining what eYeka does for creators, brands and agencies. This week, we have released an improved eYeka website, translated in more languages, with an updated user experience and a totally new layout. Here are some screenshots that illustrate how we changed eYeka.com for the better. Continue reading

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How Mondelez Easy Mac Won The Hearts Of Millennials Back

Easy Mac eYeka Banner

In August 2012, Mondelez Australia changed the Easy Mac formulation which resulted in a less creamy and cheesy end product. As a result, the brand saw a large consumer backlash with a 320% increase in consumer complaints and significant drop in sales. To address these complaints the company brought back the old formulation to give consumers the cheesy, creamy pasta snack they know and love. To re-gain the trust of consumers, the brand needed to communicate this change to their target market in a cutthrough and engaging way. Continue reading

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