Probably The Most Creative Representations of Santa Claus You Have Ever Seen


Our staff in Paris, Singapore, Sydney, Mexico… and our community would like to wish you Merry Christmas. We hope that you will spend good moments with your friends and families, and take some quality time off to start the next year with loads of energy and creativity.

For the nonce, let me share some of the best entries of last year’s “Santa Claus” contest, in which we asked the community to surprise us with beautiful, original, and funny visuals that reveal how Santa can deliver presents to all children in the World on Christmas Eve. I would bet they are the most creative representations of Santa Claus you have ever seen! Continue reading

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The Top 10 Crowdsourcing Campaigns of 2014

top 10 crowdsourcing campaigns 2014 by eyeka

The world’s biggest advertisers have increased their usage of crowdsourcing by nearly 50% year over year, making 2014 a year that ushered crowdsourcing into mainstream marketing. To illustrate that fact, we would like to share our top global crowdsourcing campaigns of 2014, where brands asked consumers to get creative and where their input was leveraged in very smart ways. Read it on on AdAge.


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An Interview With The Winner Of Coca-Cola’s “First Times” Video Contest, Boston McConnaughey

A screenshot of the winning video on Coke.TV

A screenshot of the winning video on Coke.TV

Who remembers the Coca-Cola First Times contest on eYeka, in which the brand asked the community to create spots that show people doing things for the first time? We already talked about the second prize winners, a Spanish film crew who brought a 75-year old man to see the sea for the first time in his life. Here’s a post about the first prize winner, a filmmaker from Utah in the United States, Boston McConnaughey (aka dreamcatcher on eYeka), who created a different kind of video called 100 First Times.

Rather than telling the story of one thing, Boston McConnaughey and his team (Renny Grames and Andrew Hancock) planned and carried out 100 different things that they experienced in a 10 day period. In this post, you’ll find out more about Boston, his videos and how he brought it to life. Continue reading

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10 Awesome Brand Videos Taking Place In Paris, France

Image via Harold Davis (click to access)

I love living in Paris, it is such a beautiful and vibrant city. In this post, which I previously published on my blog, I would like to share a couple of brand videos that star the city of light. My work allows me to see so many creative videos that I just have to spread some of them, and why not take the place I live in as a common thread for all of them? Watch these videos submitted to various crowdsourcing competitions for brands like Microsoft, Lux, Lacoste, Puma and others… and come over visit this beautiful part of the world one day! Continue reading

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Oral-B’s Connected Toothbrush Wins German Design Award

Earlier this year, Oral-B launched the world’s first connected toothbrush to help consumers improve their oral health. The brand sought inspiration for this new product by crowdsourcing ideas on eYeka, asking our community of consumers what a connected electrical toothbrush should offer to change their lives for the better. The outcome of this contest has not only helped Oral-B bring these innovations to market and fuel the brand’s innovation pipeline for the years to come, but it also just earned P&G a German Design Award 2015. Continue reading

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Four Things To Have In Mind When Crafting Your Video Content Strategy – By @RusselCooke2

video marketing imageMany marketing teams and businesses that delve into video they put their focus on the video production instead of the related marketing. Over 100 million Internet users watch video online every day, so it’s not hard to understand why marketing teams want to jump on the bandwagon. Yet, even the most well-produced and flawless videos will show disheartening ROI metrics if they don’t have a powerful marketing strategy behind them.

A robust marketing strategy leads to successful video campaigns. It is essential for marketing teams and companies to understand how video content can affect the master marketing plan, including social media, and how it can sync with a company’s business goals. What steps can marketing teams take to create stronger video marketing plans? Russel Cooke, a business consultant who lives in Los Angeles, California, shares his knowledge for eYeka’s clients and readers. Continue reading

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The Winning eYeka Spot For @AssoAIDES Is Broadcasted on French TV #WAD2014 #CloseTheGap

Click to access the contest page

Click to access the contest page

It’s World Aids Day 2014 (#WAD2014) today, an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV, show their support for people living with HIV and to commemorate people who have died. To celebrate this important day, we are happy to announce that for #WAD2014, one of eYeka’s winning spots of the AIDES contest will be broadcasted on French TV. Continue reading

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