Here’s How Panasonic Made TV Cool For Youths Again

panasonic eyeka winner

To promote its VIERA 4KTV, an ultra-high definition set with a massive 65-inch screen as the perfect screen to enjoy watching online videos, Panasonic decided to engage with creative people who produce such Youtube videos at the first place. Panasonic connected with creative people from all over the world and invited them to create surprising videos showing how creative moments would be transformed with this big and beautiful canvas for creativity. Continue reading

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Watch These 11 Videos And Animations Crowdsourced By Brands Recently

Eurostar Metlife Alico Panasonic Viera thumbnails

Do you sometimes wonder what happens with the winners of eYeka video contests? Truth is that the confidentiality settings -which are set by the brands- don’t always allow us to unveil the winning spots until the brands actually use them on their social media channels. That’s part of our legal guarantees to make crowdsourcing fair and safe. But recently, some of eYeka’s winning spots have been used by brands on social media. Here are 11 amazing brand videos created by eYeka community members from France, the United States, Japan, Portugal, Belgium and Colombia. Continue reading

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Crowdsourcing For A Cause: How Ypioca Found New Ideas To Support Brazilian Communities

In a TED Talk called “Massive-scale online collaboration”, Luis Von Ahn, co-creator of CAPTCHA and Duolingo, opens our eyes about the importance of crowdsourcing to achieve noble outcomes. In the past, humanity built the pyramids of Egypt, the Panama Canal or reached the Moon with the joint effort of many people; today, with the internet and improvements in technology, humanity can accomplish even more ambitious goals. With crowdsourcing platforms, companies and creators can work together to solve big problems for social and environmental purposes.

For brands, it is an opportunity for companies to invest in social projects that will make a difference on peoples´ minds, while for participants, they may feel rewarded to help other people and to engage on causes they really believe in, becoming their advocates to make the world change. At eYeka, we held numerous contests that involved creating solutions for a better world, one of them was the Ypióca’s contest which asked our community what the brand could create to support a social cause in Brazil. Continue reading

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See The Winning Eurostar Spots, Now Amplified Online By Eurostar

From today, Eurostar’s social media channels will start to feature crowdsourced videos that depict authentic stories about the unexpected things people have discovered in one of Eurostar’s destinations. These videos, which were crowdsourced by Eurostar on the leading creative crowdsourcing platform eYeka, encourage travellers to continue to share their stories through hashtags. We’ve embedded the winning videos in this post for you to watch. Continue reading

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Impressions About Crowdsourcing From #OUI2014 at Harvard Business School

HBS drone picture OUI2014 croppedImage via

From July 28th to 30th, Harvard Business School organized the 12th Open and User Innovation Conference, a leading academic conference in which around 200 researchers from various disciplines (innovation, management, marketing, IP right management etc.) met in order to exchange recent research findings and plans related to innovation and crowdsourcing. The community tweeted eagerly about it, but if you don’t feel like going through the 600+ tweets about #OUI2014 to see what has been said, then here’s a post with impressions from the conference. Continue reading

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Everything About “Crowdsourcing” and “Legal” In Less Than 30 Minutes

Have you ever wanted to be unbeatable about creative crowdsourcing and its legal aspects? If yes, great! If not, here’s a good opportunity to do so, because it’s all explained in a 26-minute video. Above are the slides of the “Crowdsourcing From A Legal Perspective” webinar, which we broadcasted on Wednesday July 23rd, giving you a brief overview of how it all works. We also have a recording, which is available to all. Continue reading

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Three eYeka Creators Fetaured in Panasonic’s Latest Campaign

Yesterday, Panasonic Corporation announced the launch of its latest digital campaign for its ultra-high definition VIERA 4KTV. Panasonic’s innovative advertising campaign features original videos by winners of the Viera 4K contest (Niwina and aceblvd from France & JulianCa from Colombia) which took place on eYeka recently. The best videos were chosen by WIRED Magazine, Panasonic and eYeka.

The above video shows Joël Céré, our Global Insights & Innovation Director, presenting the results of the campaign. So far, famous publications like Adobo, Marketing, Cnet, Mumbrella, Campaign, The Drum and Wired have covered the story, make sure to check them out. Find out more on eYeka’s press release about the campaign.


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