Amazon Dash Hack Allows Consumers to Propose Creative Ideas to Brands

eYeka Amazon DashAmazon revealed the Dash Button (a connected object that allows consumers to directly order popular brands’ products through Amazon) as well as Dash Replenishment Service (enabling connected devices to order physical goods from Amazon when supplies are low). Today, eYeka is launching its own branded Dash Button, a hack of the Amazon Dash Button that allows everyone with ideas to directly share them with the world’s leading brands. Here is how it works, and how to get one. Continue reading

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Meet eYeka Express, Our Crowdsourcing Format For Market Research Professionals

eYeka ExpressMeet eYeka Express, a new crowdsourcing format developed in order to better serve Consumer & Market Insights (CMI) professionals – both within brands, market research and planning departments – who need a fast and affordable crowdsourcing solution for frequent use. eYeka Express builds on our existing creative ideation format that leverages the creative community through crowdsourcing, but the new format is tailored to market research professionals in a number of ways.

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Conférence : Quelles Collaborations Entre Communautés d’Innovation et Entreprises ?

L'affiche de l'évènement (cliquez pour vous inscrire)

L’affiche de l’évènement (cliquez pour vous inscrire)

Et si l’innovation de demain résidait dans les nouvelles formes de collaborations entre les entreprises et les communautés d’innovation ouvertes ?

Le 31 mars 2015, à 19h à l’Ecole des Mines ParisTech, l’association Dauph’Innov du Master MTI organise la 7ème édition de sa conférence annuelle sur l’innovation, en partenariat avec La Mairie de Paris, Le Cercle de l’Innovation de Dauphine, bluenove, Anaxago, KissKissBankBank, eYeka, le NUMA et MakeSense.

Tous les secteurs sont concernés ! Et pourtant, la distance entre les entreprises et ces communautés d’innovation peut sembler importante, avec des intérêts parfois divergents voire contraires.

En créant un échange entre des représentants d’entreprises et des communautés d’innovation ouverte, la conférence ambitionne d’alimenter la réflexion sur l’intérêt de collaborer pour les différentes parties prenantes mais également sur les améliorations à apporter pour créer une vraie dynamique économique autour de ce phénomène. Continue reading

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How A Coffee Maker Crowdsourced A Packaging Design That Stands Out

Click to access the contest results pageDoncafé, a leading coffee brand marketed by the 5th largest coffee maker in the world Strauss Group, wanted to make its small-size instant coffee mixes stand out on the crowded coffee shelves. Without changing the size or the shape of the pack, Doncafé wanted to transform its coffee mix sachets into a vehicle to communicate the pleasurable moments of drinking coffee that delights the senses. Continue reading

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Here Are Some Very Creative Brand Activation Campaigns

marketing activation thumbnails

In the digital world, more and more brands look to create buzz around their names. Because TV ads are expensive, marketers look for ways to have their brands’ names on everyone’s lips – through savvy activation (which refers to all types of activities that bring brands to life and encourage positive participation – physically or digitally) It’s a tough exercise. Ingredients for success? There are many.

Marketers look for cheaper ways to be on everyone’s lips – through activation.

First, you need to find the right creative idea, the one that is relevant to your brand vision, that sounds true to your consumers and one that is built on emotions. Then imagine ways to make it big so that it travels and grows organically. Finally, make sure you invest in media because well… nothing really happens by its own. Campaigns need a helping hand to get viral. After all virus need handshakes and kisses to pass from one person to the other, right ? Here are a few, recent ideas that I really like. All of them are strong, very true to the brand and they were tactically and brilliantly brought to the public. Continue reading

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Some Of The Creations We Will Send To Charlie Hebdo, On Behalf Of The eYeka Community

The #JeSuisCharlie-themed eYeka homepage in January

The #JeSuisCharlie-themed eYeka homepage in January

Dear all,  a few weeks ago, in the wake of the tragic events in Paris, we invited you to creatively express your sympathy to the victims of Charlie Hebdo and your resolve to stand for freedom of speech.

We have been overwhelmed by your reaction. 261 of you participated out of 39 countries, and you submitted more than 300 creative works. We reviewed all of them as a team and were deeply moved by the quality and depth of your ideas, and by your resolve to stand up against terror. In the spirit of sharing some of the great work the community came up with, here are some of the ones that moved us most. Continue reading

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Please Take 3 Minutes To Watch Our Community’s Great Work (This Is eYeka’s Video Showreel)

Three minitaure captions from the showreel (featuring community videos submitted for Fa, SK-II and Duracell contests)

Three miniature captions from the showreel, featuring community videos submitted for Fa, SK-II and Duracell contests.

Have you ever wondered how crowdsourcing can help marketers create relevant content? Have you had doubts about the quality of the content that is being submitted daily on our contest platform? We hope you didn’t – our « social content » case studies are supposed to reassure you – but if you still weren’t sure about the value of video crowdsourcing, here’s something for you. We have released eYeka’s Video Showreel on YouTube and eYeka’s Video Showreel on Vimeo, packed with 3 minutes of community-created awesomeness. Continue reading

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