Please Take 3 Minutes To Watch Our Community’s Great Work (This Is eYeka’s Video Showreel)

Three minitaure captions from the showreel (featuring community videos submitted for Fa, SK-II and Duracell contests)

Three miniature captions from the showreel, featuring community videos submitted for Fa, SK-II and Duracell contests.

Have you ever wondered how crowdsourcing can help marketers create relevant content? Have you had doubts about the quality of the content that is being submitted daily on our contest platform? We hope you didn’t – our « social content » case studies are supposed to reassure you – but if you still weren’t sure about the value of video crowdsourcing, here’s something for you. We have released eYeka’s Video Showreel on YouTube and eYeka’s Video Showreel on Vimeo, packed with 3 minutes of community-created awesomeness. Continue reading

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We Are Now 300,000 And Celebrate It With This Infographic Created By eYeka’s Most Active Member

eYeka infographic 2015 header

Along with the great relationships we have with our clients, as well as our staff across various offices, eYeka’s community is our most valuable asset! It is growing continuously, allowing us to regularly celebrate milestones like the 150,000 member mark (March 2011), the 200,000th member from the UK (May 2012), a couple of community stories when we reached 250,000 (July 2013), and now we have reached 300,000 members!

To celebrate this event, we have asked one of our community’s most active members, Chintami (probably the first to reach a 1,000,000 creative score in the next weeks), to design us an infographic which provides you with information about the community, their demographics and motivations, their activity and some of the dreams that came true thanks to eYeka. Continue reading

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We Believe In Freedom Of Speech, Tolerance And Openness To Other Cultures #JeSuisCharlie


The January 7 events in Paris have been a shock for all of us. As a creative community, we believe in the values of freedom of speech, self-expression, tolerance and openness to other cultures, and we couldn’t be more revolted by what happened that day. A spontaneous wave of support has emerged with thousands across the world, and has crystallized with the « Je Suis Charlie » logo and the #JeSuisCharlie hashtag. We want to contribute to this global effort and we have decided to host a dedicated contest. All the accepted submissions will be shared with Charlie Hebdo. Continue reading

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Watch These Chinese and British Animations Promoting Saudi Fruit Juice

Established in 1982 in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, NADA is one of the leading producers, manufacturers and distributors of fresh dairy, fresh juice and long life milk and juice products, and you can find their products throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE and Kuwait. In June last year, NADA challenged eYeka’s community to « surprise us with unexpected, appealing stories for Nada juices, where every sip counts to help you see the world from a different, better perspective. » Here are 2 of the 3 winning animations.

Continue reading

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Happy New Year from eYeka!


During 2014,  we launched 132 contests and awarded  more than 380 prizes to creators from all over the world. It was a great year for us, we are now preparing a lot of exciting new projects in the 12 months to come, and we are hope to see you joining us along the way. Click here to look back at some of the great work that our community created in 2014, and in 2015, to stay tuned to everything about eYeka, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, to join us on Linkedin, to like us on Facebook, to watch our videos on YouTube, and/or to subscribe to our monthly updates.

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Season’s Greetings from eYeka And My Top 10 Crowdsourced Campaigns of 2014

francois petavy 2013Dear eYeka friends,

As 2014 is coming to a close, this is the time to step back. As you know, we are passionate about crowdsourcing and co-creation at eYeka. And what a year it will have been!

The world’s biggest advertisers have increased their usage of crowdsourcing by nearly 50% year over year, making 2014 a year that ushered crowdsourcing into mainstream marketing.

For your relaxation in this holiday season, I wanted to share with you my top global crowdsourcing campaigns of 2014, where brands asked consumers to get creative and where their input was leveraged in very smart ways. Continue reading

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Probably The Most Creative Representations of Santa Claus You Have Ever Seen


Our staff in Paris, Singapore, Sydney, Mexico… and our community would like to wish you Merry Christmas. We hope that you will spend good moments with your friends and families, and take some quality time off to start the next year with loads of energy and creativity.

For the nonce, let me share some of the best entries of last year’s « Santa Claus » contest, in which we asked the community to surprise us with beautiful, original, and funny visuals that reveal how Santa can deliver presents to all children in the World on Christmas Eve. I would bet they are the most creative representations of Santa Claus you have ever seen! Continue reading

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