AIDES and eYeka Win a « Silver » Prize at Grand Prix du Brand Content 2015

eYeka AIDES Grand Prix Brand Content ArgentIn November 2013, one of the leading HIV/AIDS organizations in Europe, AIDES, launched a contest on eYeka to make people change their mind about the female condom: « Create an original and sharable video that portrays female condoms in an appealing and entertaining manner. Your video must show the positive side of female condoms to give people the incentive to try them, » the brief said. Yesterday, the Grand Prix du Brand Content initiative, which is held in Paris to reward the best brand content strategies and to showcase talented creatives in the field, rewarded this campaign with a Silver award in the « Humanitarian work and social causes » category.

At the end of the contest on eYeka, the NGO indeed received 20 movies from 8 French-speaking countries, reflecting diverse cultural interpretations of the brief. AIDES then selected its 3 favorite videos and put them up for voting on social media. The public’s choice was « Mets un fémidon » (« Put a femidom on ») by Niwina, a French-speaking creator with Malagasy background living in Singapore at the moment of his participation.

Check out his winning video, with English subtitles:

Niwina’s video was then broadcast by AIDES, in partnership with the Trace Foundation, on French TV during one week. By engaging consumers at every stage of the campaign, AIDES and eYeka created an impactful, cost-effective, award-winning campaign to spread the word about the female condom.

AIDES and eYeka created an impactful, cost-effective, award-winning campaign to spread the word about the female condom.

If you want to see a video that sums up the entire campaign, here is the case study video (created by Nirina Ragomaharisoa, a.k.a. « Niwina » on eYeka), available on our « Case Studies & Testimonials » YouTube channel from today onwards:

Congratulations to Niwina for having been chosen both AIDES’ and the public’s favorite, and congratulations to AIDES for initiating this award-winning campaign. We are proud to be associated to the prize, and are already working on a variety of new projects in which brands and companies involve consumers in their marketing communications. Power to the people!

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