PepsiCo Marketers, Need Fresh Ideas For This Year’s PSP?

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Do you need breakthrough innovation ideas for your PSP and/or AOP? We know that this time of the year is a busy period, and our community can bring in some actionable and fresh creativity! In recent years, the eYeka community has already submitted over 2,000 innovation, communications, packaging or naming ideas to over 25 crowdsourcing projects for PepsiCo brands. To give you an idea, here are just some contests that we launched on our platform in the last months. Continue reading

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These Videos Allowed CRUNCH Cereals to Engage Gen Z Consumers and Improve Sales

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Among all the ready-to-eat cereal brands on the shelf, CRUNCH is known for its extreme crunchiness. But this distinctive product proposition isn’t enough to stay relevant with Gen Z in the highly competitive category of ready-to-eat cereals. On top of that, since CRUNCH Cereals stopped TV advertising a few years ago, the brand and its distinctive Crunchiness proposition were no longer top-of-mind, and this was reflected in declining sales. It was time the brand connected with young consumers again, but this time the brand wanted fresh, creative video for a uniquely digital campaign. CPW chose to crowdsource their video needs with eYeka.
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What These 10-Year-Old Industrial Designers Imagined Will Amaze You #CSInventors #eYeka10


When you were a kid, did you ever have some brilliant ideas like a house to protect people from the war, a toothbrush in a toothpaste or a fan on a fork to cool your food? Well, these kids did. And the ideas have been turned into reality thanks to the Inventors project, initiated by artist and designer Dominic Wilcox, who asked children – some of them 10 years old, some being younger and older) to draw their invention ideas and tu turn some of them into prototypes at a local Fab Lab. As eYeka is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, and our team unveiled what it looked like aged 10, we wanted to share this original initiative with you; another way to celebrate fresh, inspiring creativity.  Continue reading

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eYeka Is 10 Years Old. Here’s How We Looked Aged 10 #eYeka10


Founded in January 2006, eYeka has just turned 10 years old. A decade that kept us busy helping brands reinvent themselves with the help a global community that now boasts more than 330,000 individuals in 167 countries. After more than 900 contests to which over 100,000 ideas have been submitted, it seems like we at eYeka have grown up – or have we? 

« Every child is an artist. The problem is staying an artist when you grow up »

Pablo Picasso

As much as we have grown up in 10 years, we are still just kids, right? Meet the 10-year old eYeka team, which works hard on delivering you freshness every day. Can you recognize them or do you need to guess? Continue reading

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C’est Le Nord! Rejoignez-nous au #ComEnOrDay2016 à Lille le Mardi 8 Mars

Com En Nord Day 2016Comment réhabiliter la publicité ? Est-il possible que la publicité émerveille de nouveau et joue son rôle de vecteur des messages de communication commerciale ? Comment la publicité peut-elle encore capter l’attention, séduire et créer de l’adhésion à une marque et à ses valeurs ?

Voici quelques-uns des sujets qui seront abordés au 6ème Com’ En Or Day, rendez-vous des dirigeants et des communicants en Nord de France. Mardi 8 mars 2016, la 6e édition du Com’ En Or Day, organisée par IAEvent (la filière événementielle de l’IAE Lille), se tiendra aux Halls de la Filature à Saint André lez Lille. eYeka aura non seulement le plaisir d’y participer, mais vous invite aussi à venir nous rejoindre. Continue reading

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The World’s Biggest Creative Playground Turns 10 Years Old #eYeka10


eYeka was founded 10 years ago. Its founders, Gilles Babinet and Franck Perrier had the vision that in the future, everyone would be empowered to make a difference by contributing her or his unique and innovative perspective on the world. Back then, the term « crowdsourcing » had not yet been invented, YouTube was a 1-year old, and Facebook had less than 10 million users. And the Nokia 1600 was the best-selling phone. Continue reading

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eYeka’s @JulianColeman26 Will Speak at « New Frontiers in Food & Drink » in London! #FoodManInnovation

new Frontiers food & drink

Are you based in the UK or Ireland? Do you work in food & drink and are you looking for some fresh inspiration? Come meet us at New Frontiers in Food & Drink on Thursday March 17th in London. This conference, spearheaded and supported by sector-leading brands The Grocer, British Baker, Food Manufacture and Meat Trades Journal, will include speaker presentations – including one by our UK-based Global Business Director Julian Coleman – roundtable discussions, breakout sessions and taste testing. Continue reading

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