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eYeka’s eYe on the Crowd – The Changing Beauty Landscape

The idea of beauty has come a long way. Media has played a big role in defining beauty standards and what can be considered beautiful or not. Over the years, this has conditioned consumersí minds with certain predispositions towards evaluating … Continue reading

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Meet eYeka Express, Our Crowdsourcing Format For Market Research Professionals

Meet eYeka Express, a new crowdsourcing format developed in order to better serve Consumer & Market Insights (CMI) professionals – both within brands, market research and planning departments – who need a fast and affordable crowdsourcing solution for frequent use. … Continue reading

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eYeka’s @NBorgis Will Present Creative Crowdsourcing at @PrintempsEtudes in Paris

We started this year by being present at the ADFEST. Following this, we will now be at ‘Le Printemps des Etudes’ in Paris for the the very first time. In the past, eYeka has participated in many big conferences and advertising … Continue reading

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Why should you engage with the most creative of all consumers?

I did say in my previous entry that today’s entry would be on how Asian brands leverage on co-creation. But in a meeting earlier last week I happened to find myself answering this question: “Why do we choose to engage the … Continue reading

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Insights: 10 principles by Johannes Hartmann

“Once established in a company, insights can mean a strategic change of a business », says Johannes Hartmann. Last Monday eYeka followed a webinar “Insight generation – understanding insight driven innovation” organized by ESOMAR market research promotion organisation. The speaker, Johannes Hartmann, Vice-President … Continue reading

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Why eYeka turns (even web-based) traditional market research upside-down

Market research is the process by which companies gather data on markets to identify trends, assess opportunities or verify specific hypotheses (brand image, product penetration, willingness to purchase etc.). The web is a very efficient tool for a lot of … Continue reading

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Things we learned from the annual Market Research Exhibition

eYeka members followed an annual SEMO event on 3rd and 4th November held at the Palais de Congrès of Paris. Many market research professionals were invited to share their experiences with those of marketing, media and corporate market research fields. … Continue reading

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