Brand-consumer relationship: “Let me tell you how I love you”

eYeka launched a campaign in order to learn more about how consumers imagine their relationship with brands. Many interesting ideas came from the entire world: Europe, Asia, United States…So, what are these ways consumers want to communicate with a brand? And what are the main lessons to keep in managers’ minds?

Objective: Generate consumer insights on brand-consumer relationships
Methodology: The campaign is based on a co-creation approach by which consumers are asked to propose fresh ideas about a brand, a product, etc. This is a new way to expand our knowledge and facilitate conversation with consumers
Consumer question: “What is the ideal relationship between a brand and a consumer?

Participation: 43 videos from 20 countries all around the entire world
eyeka-video-screenshotA brand should listen to its customers. As creatives showed in their videos, they are tired of brands’ discourse and want to be listened to by these brands. Consumers look for an open dialogue with the brands they adore. They don’t want anymore that the company’s decisions lie on their shoulders. After all, is it possible to understand consumers’ needs without listening to them?

eyeka-video-screenshotBrand should be closer to its consumers. It is important to be listened, but it is also important to be followed by the company. Consumers don’t want to be alone. They want to communicate and to feel the brand’s presence. Our community shows that the relationship between a brand and a customer doesn’t finish when the later “signs a contract”. Brands must stay aware and be constantly interested by consumers needs.

By illustrating this relationship, participants of this campaign proposed a parallel of the relationship between emotionally closed persons: a mother and a child, a friendship etc. This type of relationship suggests a strong attachment and the need of taking care of each other. Consumers want more and more intimacy in communication with the brands. Spending time together and sharing positive experience – this is the way for companies to make their customers happy. Hence, it is important to remember that the ideal relationship between a brand and a consumer is not just about the rationality, but also about emotions!

Brands and their customers are two equal parts in thevalue creation process. Consumers want to be involved in the value creation process. The increasing need of being heard and understood by brands transforms this relationship with consumers. Moreover, we face an important change of the concept of the “brand”: it is not a close and invariable entity since a brand is dynamic and co-created by its customers. The new value is the result of the interaction between brands and consumers, as an Indian love story shows. Creative videos illustrated how people want to be more active and more engaged in the dialogue with the companies. Finally, this campaign shows us that co-creation can be a fruitful way to get new ideas, new concepts and to approach an ideal relationship between brands and customers.
eyeka-video-creenshoteYeka leverages an international co-creation community of over 200.000 creative individuals, gathering authentic user-generated content while ensuring brand control and operating within a defined legal framework

About indre

As Marketing & Evangelization Manager, Indre was one of the thinking heads of eYeka, and allowed us to be on the forefront of co-creation and Innovation topics. Indre studied sociology and communication, is a keen jazz musician, and now works in qualitative market research in Paris.
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