Why eYeka turns (even web-based) traditional market research upside-down

Market research is the process by which companies gather data on markets to identify trends, assess opportunities or verify specific hypotheses (brand image, product penetration, willingness to purchase etc.). The web is a very efficient tool for a lot of market research tasks : it’s fast, it’s interactive, it’s relatively easy to use. In some cases, the web is used as a new way of asking he very same questions than before, in a very comparable way ; I’m thinking of traditional surveys, or questionnaires. But some major breakthroughs in marketing research have been enabled by the use of the web, one of them is the ability to analyze what people say in online conversations about your market, your competitors or your brand. Another technique, called netnography, generates even deeper understanding of the customer because you engage in direct communication with him and you get qualified feedback about a specific subject.


Here at eYeka, we opened another door to engage with real people through the web : social co-creation. We think that peoples’ creativity is a very powerful tool to communicate insights about brands, and that consumers like to tell their stories to companies eager to listen. This is why we think that this co-creation community is an innovative way to get consumers to tell their stories – and brands to understand them.

Let’s look at some major differences to traditional market research in eYeka’s approach : (1) people actively choose to participate in co-creation campaigns, (2) we recommend not to target particular audiences within the community to get creative feedback, and (3) the content provides authentic and unbiased feedback about your product/brand/company.

  • Freedom of participation : With now more than 130,000 members in its community, eYeka has a very broad and diverse pool of people responding to co-creation campaigns, or call for entries (as we call them). Thus, our creative community members choose the contests they want to participate in when they feel inspired. There’s no « push » recruitment of respondents and participation is not biased by unadapted incentives. Our job is to supply these creative minds with new tasks and challenges to which everyone is free to respond – and the amount of participants shows that people enjoy creating for brands. One more thing that makes eYeka innovative is that our creative community is free to choose the media in which they want to express their ideas (except for call for entries with precise specifications about submissions). This freedom of expression is particularly true in ideation or insight-campaigns like Gum Concept, Saving is Cool or Imagine Your Ideal Means of Communication.

The international platform (English) currently hosts 7 call for entries for brands and organizations

  • Serendipity : We sometimes get asked if it is possible to adress a co-creation task to a particular part of the community, based on criteria like gender, age or revenue. At eYeka, however, we advise brands to open up the call for entry to a larger group within the community so that (1) participation is higher, and (2) co-creation is more widespread. We indeed think that the more people can submit ideas and creations to a brief, the more diverse returns you get from the community, and the richer are the insights that you get. Actually, the only way to narrow down the pool of potential participants is by the choice of the language (eYeka is currently available in 10 languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Brazilian, Russian, Polish and Chinese [Hong Kong and China]).

Almost 200 submissions (photo & video) have been submitted to date for Biotherm

  • Authenticity : eYeka is a community of now more than 130,000 creative minds eager to engage in co-creation contests with brands and express their creativity. and passionate creators who like the call for entries offered through eYeka. This passion for brands and creation makes us strongly believe that the content uploaded by co-creators is authentic material that reflects their true perception of brands and their products. It’s our job to gather the content and to analyse the insights that they convey. Furthermore, after having posted a creation on eYeka, creators often engage in conversations about their creations on the site, but also on YouTube, Dailymotion or Facebook.

The eYeka community reacts to a video posted by sk8me3

eYeka leverages an international co-creation community of 130.000 consumers, gathering authentic user-generated content while ensuring brand control and operating within a defined legal framework

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Yannig was Marketing Manager at eYeka, responsible for PR, communication and research. Interested in marketing, innovation and design-related topics, he also loves to free his head by cycling, running, reading or drawing. Yannig, who holds an MSc from ESSCA School of Management and a PhD from University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, tweets under @YannigRoth and blogs at www.yannigroth.com
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