What does eYeka mean ?!

In this video, created for the community, Microsoft employees try to say « eYeka »

We often get asked what eYeka means, and this brief blog entry will enlighten you once for all ! You might know what we do already, just for those who don’t : eYeka leverages a global community of more than 300,000 co-creating consumers willing to respond to call for entries launched for brands and institutions. Therefore, we allow brands to get a deeper understanding of customer expectations through visual means like sketches, designs, photos, videos etc. The below rebus shows both an eye and an Egyptian hieroglyph: the Ka

what eYeka meansIt’s pretty obvious to understand what the eye stands for : we want customers to tell us how they see brands and other subjects. Our creative community of customers understands how to express ideas in a visual way, this is why our proprietary multimedia player reads everything from text documents to videos. By submitting visual creations to respond to call for entries, our creative community of consumers expresses what it has in mind… which leads us to the second part of eYe-ka : the Ka.

The touchdown-like gesture that you can see  here is the symbol of the Ka, the Egyptian representation of spiritual essence. The Ka was the « spirit »-part of the human soul, made up of five parts. A living person had Ka from the day of her/his birth to the day of her/his death. The Ka is also the reason why Egyptians mummified the dead ; it needed a place to live even after the body died. According to EgyptianMyths.net, the Ka became supreme after death, kings like Ramses II thus claimed to have more than 20 Ka’s !

In The Power of Co-Creation, we read that co-creation is about « Enabling [enterprises] to gain insights through the lense of participants and therefore make more meaningful changes » in strategy and marketing. It now seems pretty clear what eYeka’s mission is : empower customers to give brands authentic feedback about specific subjects. A recent call for entry launched by eYeka asked the community to visually represent the customer/brand relationship – which is a fairly difficult enterprise ! Creators submitted stunning videos illustrating their vision of customer/brand relationships, and proved to be very creative in expressing their mindset in a visual way.

Note: As this blog post is very popular, we update it regularly (links, images, numbers etc.) to provide the most up to date information about eYeka. The last update has been made on July 27th 2015.

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Yannig was Marketing Manager at eYeka, responsible for PR, communication and research. Interested in marketing, innovation and design-related topics, he also loves to free his head by cycling, running, reading or drawing. Yannig, who holds an MSc from ESSCA School of Management and a PhD from University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, tweets under @YannigRoth and blogs at www.yannigroth.com
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  2. Merci ! Il fallait que je le sache, et je n’osais pas demander !

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