Smartphone research. Smart researchers?

Is it worth asking today why people use smartphones? With 5 billion users in the world, this “new” technology has become an essential part of our daily lives. So it is not surprising that market researchers start asking themselves “how could we use these mobile tools to provide more authentic insights for brands?” Last Monday, eYeka attended the ESOMAR webinar “. The video future of Qualitative Research – a story of online video and a smartphone–empowered global consumer base”. Check out what we have learned…

A new market research generation

Today, innovation puts you directly into the candid lives of your consumers”, stressed webinar speakers John Williamson and Anne-Marie O’Sullivan from qualitative market research company Qualvu. It is true that if a company wants to know how to better develop its products, it should observe how consumers interact with them in their daily lives. That is why new consumer-based tools such as smartphones enable companies to get “consumer voices” and to “deliver new levels of insight beyond traditional research methods”. Technology changes the way people consume, the way they communicate together, but also the way they connect with brands. And this behavioral evolution leads to changes in market research – from “out of context” consumer research to a more authentic and more interactive research.

5 Billion Cell Users in 20105 Billion Cell Users in 2010

Direct from consumer’s bathroom

Sounds unrealistic? With today’s mobile technologies, market researchers are able to get authentic information coming directly from people’s homes, workplaces and other locations. Webinar speakers showed some case studies where women were sending videos that illustrated their shaving moments. Sharing their shaving experiences helped to develop a new razor and avoid risks related to the new product launch.

Why smartphones become unavoidable market research tools

Webinar speakers identified 4 main reasons why using smartphones in market research is better suited to business needs than traditional research methodologies such as focus groups:

Smartphone based research – fun and fast, by Fast Company

·       Speed matters


Speed is a new driver of business success. Qualvu representatives agree that in today’s world, where the consumer landscape is fast evolving, 3-months surveys are lagging behind. Companies need to get results much faster. “I need it in 3 weeks, please” !

·       Brands are global

The scale of research is not the country anymore; it is the international market. Getting insights from markets such as BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India and China) or Eastern Europe becomes more important than ever before for global companies. Furthermore thanks to the Internet consumers are globally connected and brand campaigns often transcend the markets they were initially designed for.

·       “Real” research

Often there is big difference between what people say and what people do”, stressed Webinar speakers. Observation leads to more spontaneous self-revelation behaviors than traditional research methods such as survey. Furthermore, visual information reveals more authentic, richer and deeper insights.

·       Value matters

How to provide more value to clients? That’s a question that every market research companies is asking. Through smartphone-based research, the consumer is more empowered to provide authentic information that can be easily translated into business recommendations.

While speed, scale and context have become market researchers’ new mantra, all speakers agreed that qualitative research-skills remain fundamental. Nothing can replace human involvement in qualitative interpretation of data. Smartphones may provide you with 500 consumer-generated videos but you still need to know HOW to use them and how to translate them in a relevant way. We believe that Smartphone research has a promising future provided that they are even smarter research analyst operating them.

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