Creative individuals invent the Smartphone of the future

What will smartphones look like in the near future? What role will they have in people’s daily lives? eYeka decided to ask its community of highly creative consumers to share their vision for the next generation of smartphones and to imagine what the top smartphone brands should design next. These creative end-users imagined the look, features and even technical specifications of the future smartphone. Check these new smartphone trends revealed by consumers themselves!

Minimalistic look

According to consumers, the future smartphone should be small and simple to use. Rather than appearing as a complicated high-tech device, the future smartphone should have a “clean” design. Some creatives imagine the future smartphone thin as a credit card.

Future smartphone – thin as a credit card



In the future, a smartphone will be the central device in people’s daily lives, consumers suggest. It should contain many more functions than it contains today – it will serve as cell phone, iPad, and PC at the same time. Moreover, there is a need expressed by consumers to have a device that not only has multiple existing smartphone functions, but can also serve as a passport, a credit card, or keys… So universality becomes an important feature of the next generation of smartphones.

The central device of our lives

Second you

A lot of consumers perceive the future smartphone as a fully customizable tool. It should perfectly fit with the user. For example, a smartphone that has a natural form with curves in both sides is more adapted to human body and more pleasant to hold than an existing smartphone. Moreover, the smartphone becomes an extension of the human body: some creatives propose an example of the future smartphone that is able to adapt the content to a hand’s movement.

The future smartphone is perfectly ergonomic

The future smartphone is perceived as a friend. It will know user’s personal tastes; for example, it might be able to propose songs, suggest new artists or even to buy tickets to a concert. It will also be able to recognize user’s mood and his/her physical form. Hence, consumers express the need to have a smartphone as a life guide, but also as a validation of their identity.


The future smartphone is perceived as a friend who knows you perfectly

The future generation of smartphone – fully customizable device

Responsible phone

People see the future smartphone as eco-friendly. It will be made of recycled materials and be charged by solar energy. One creator proposes a smartphone that is able to print pictures on recycled paper.


Future smartphone – the planet’s friend

One of the creative community-members suggests creating a smartphone for blind people. By using a voice recognition program and a read out loud function, it can better guide blind people in their daily lives.

Future smartphone – also for the blind people

Transparent tool

According to the creative consumer community, the future smartphone will allow the user to connect to information and to the environment differently. Rather than appear in the smartphone, the content will be projected in the environment. The user could then interact with projected information.


The next smartphone – a transparent tool

These ideas were provided by creative end-users from the entire world and provided strong insights on consumers’ expectations against smartphones.

And what if some of these ideas turned into disruptive innovations and « iPhone killers »? (see–the-next-gen-smart-phone-has-no-screen-2011-4).

See the full results:



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