“China Connect”: time to engage with Chinese consumers

How can you better understand the Chinese consumer? What drives his motivation? How does he perceive your brand? What are his expectations of your products? What are the best ways to collaborate with Chinese consumers? These issues and more will be discussed at the China Connect” conference, which will be held 16-17 June 2011, in Paris.

Western brands understand that it’s no longer sufficient to simply exist in China; it’s time to act. Chinese consumers still adore Western brands, but they are also voicing their desire to have brands and products tailored specifically to them.


American and European multinationals from Coca-Cola to Procter & Gamble have been trying for decades to capitalize on the world’s most populous nation, but for many top brands progress has been surprisingly slow. That’s in part because China is still a relatively poor country, with a high savings rate. But also, it’s because many big brands have simply dumped their existing products on the Chinese market, with little thought to tailoring their wares to the audience beyond changing the language on the packaging. “Until quite recently, the attitude has been, ‘Let’s invent in the West and ship to China,’” says Hubert Hsu, a senior partner at Boston Consulting Group and leader of the firm’s consumer practice in China. “It didn’t work.”


In response to this situation, Western brands must find new ways to woo Chinese consumers, to better understand them and propose brands and products that fit their needs.

Knowing that the Chinese are some of the most active and vocal consumers in the world, global brands should start asking themselves “how can we engage with them?”.

In this conference eYeka will present its experience in helping global brands to connect with Chinese consumers. The presentation will cover topics including finding the Chinese version of existing products, creating new products with Chinese consumers, and adapting global brands for local markets.

During the conference you will learn how to:

  • Help western advertisers and their advisers, efficiently market their brands and engage with Chinese modernizing and highly connected consumers.
  • understand Chinese market stakes and complex environment based on: a growing disposable income, a fragmented market and a hugely fragmented media landscape,
  • build brands competing with local Chinese brands,
  • build brand awareness and loyalty,
  • drive online engagement and sales
  • leverage social media intelligence: drive online influence into offline business
  • engage with with 857 millions Chinese mobile users…

Click here to see the Conference Program

Register to the conference before May 5th and gain 15% discount!

About indre

As Marketing & Evangelization Manager, Indre was one of the thinking heads of eYeka, and allowed us to be on the forefront of co-creation and Innovation topics. Indre studied sociology and communication, is a keen jazz musician, and now works in qualitative market research in Paris.
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