Francis Gouillart’s universal view of co-creation


We recently interviewed Professor Venkat Ramaswamy, author of the book The Power Of Co-creation, who shared interesting thoughts about how co-creation relates to crowdsourcing, challenges and the value of co-creation, co-creators and potholes to avoid as well as the highly discussed co-creator Apple. Curious as we are, we thought that meeting his co-author, Francis Gouillart, would reveal even more about co-creative strategies and their fields of application. We met Francis Gouillart right after the presentation of the French version of The Power Of Co-Creation: L’entreprise co-créative. Here’s what we learned… as well as a short video from the interview.


Francis Gouillart is the president and co-founder of Experience Co-Creation Partnership, a consulting firm specialized in helping companies to set up co-creative strategies. He also blogs on The Co-Creation Effect, essentially to « an urge to talk about the profoundly human aspect of co-creation« , as he says. We met M. Gouillart to talk about what makes co-creation relevant today, and the the forces behind this movement. Obviously, « the internet has been the most important technological power behind it« , says Francis Gouillart, implying human consequences: « I think [the internet] has enabled a new awareness of the role of humans in business« .


Francis Gouillart about co-creation from eYeka on Vimeo.


As M. Gouillart says in the video, it’s not only about technology, which allow firms to build engagement platforms and brand communities, but also about people. « If you go to India, China, Brazil… there are lots of young people who are excited about life« , he says about co-creative engagement in emerging countries, « the younger generation has a greater social ambition and a collective self than the older generation« . This is in line with a recent report published by Forrester Research, which emphasizes the high willingness to co-create of people in Latin America. Specifically, 75% of online Brazilians and 85% of online Mexicans are classified as “willing co-creators”, as opposed to 61% of US online adults (previous report).

We also talked about the future of business (as M. Gouillart says in the video, eYeka loves to give consumers a voice about how they see the future of things: smartphones, personal transportation, sports…). About the business in 2050, he cautiously told us that « every business is likely to become a network« , and that competitive advantage will come from « the ability to cristallize these networks in your own shop rather than in the neighbours’« . Will this lead to a better society? Francis Gouillart hopes so:


I hope that this transparency will foster a better society overall

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