An inspiring presentation about creativity and innovation


Creativity feeds innovation, and innovation feeds growth. This is a growingly accepted mantra within organizations that seek to innovate in a connected world. A very interesting presentation has recently been held by Ben Rennie from 6.2, an innovation agency that help companies and governments to solve complex problems through innovation. You can check out their website, nicely designed in HTML5… and you can have a look at the following slides:

The 9 lessons about innovation that Ben Rennie shared in his presentation are full of common sense and still very insightful:

  1. Innovation starts at the top
  2. Innovation can happen anywhere
  3. Innovation is a team sport
  4. Innovation is never easy but always possible
  5. Innovation relies on trust
  6. Define your measures of success
  7. Create an innovation cultures that fits
  8. The customer sits at the heart of all innovation
  9. Speed is critical to innovation

In a world where innovation and customer involvement is key for companies to create and sustain a competitive advantage, Ben Rennie suggests that we can « change the world » by doing three things: create something, share our ideas and view the world from someone else’s viewpoint. This is not an easy thing to do, but it’s certainly what makes up the most innovative minds!

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