Co-Creation Forum launches webinar series to discuss experiences and strategies around co-creation

The Co-Creation Forum has been hard at work connecting the worlds leading thinkers, creators, and entrepreneurs. As you may know, it recently launched a private social network, which you can join here. Lately, the Co-Creation Forum has also been profiled by Idea Connection, MRWeb and The Daily Crowdsource which has been driving interest in the community, which gather a growing number of members from all across the world. Now, the Co-Creation Forum is proud to present a new series of co-creation webinars! The first webinar will take place on November 18th (11 A.M. E.S.T.), is sponsored by eYeka and is free for qualified professionals. More details after the break…

The inaugural event is How Brands Can Derive Insight from Co-Creation, which is presented with Promise and sponsored by eYeka. During this webinar, Jennifer Kitchen, Managing Director of Promise North America will challenge the audience to think about “Why aren’t organizations infusing co-creation into their brand development processes?” Jennifer will draw upon real-life stories from a range of co-creation believers and skeptics,  with actual decision-makers (buyers of co-creation) across the full spectrum of adoption:

  • The skeptic turned supporter
  • The believer yet baffled
  • The non-believers

This webinar will be held on November 18th at 11 A.M. E.S.T. and is free for qualified professionals – you can register here. For all Co-Creation Forum members, discussion is under way in the Webinar Topic Suggestions group. If you haven’t joined our forum yet, you can sign up here. Looking further, here are the next webinars that we strongly suggest you to follow:


Also, the Co-Creation Forum will soon officially launch Co-Creation News, an aggregator of all the top stories in the Co-Creation community. Currently we are sharing these on the @CoCreationForum twitter feed, but with this new site we will be doing more in-depth research on the top stories and providing a space to discuss these stories. We are always looking for new content so please send along!

If you have any questions, thoughts, etc. – you may want to contact Ephraim Cohen directly at Ephraim is the founder of The Fortex Group, which runs the Co-Creation Forum. Adam Wright, the Community Evangelist, is reachable at and Justin Falcone, the Co-Creation Forum’s new Community Manager, is reachable at with news, interesting tidbits and questions. Have a great day!

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