Shopping 2020’s concepts for intelligent virtual mirror unveiled by Microsoft

In June 2011 we asked our community of creators what they would expect shopping to be like in 2020.  From their enthusiastic responses, we identified 5 major themes – Responsible, Augmented, Informed, Facilitated and Experiential – that you can read in a white-paper, published in August last year.  Among the « Augmented Shopping » ideas were several suggestions to create intelligent mirrors or devices that allow people to try and buy clothes virtually, without the tedium to dress and undress in shops.

We love the fact that Microsoft will be saving us 8 years of waiting by unveiling at the CES an intelligent mirror that allows you to try clothes virtually, even taking pictures of them to share with friends (as seen on the excellent PSFK blog). And we love the fact that our community is always at the cutting-edge of future trends.

Some other concepts from eYeka’s creators about virtual mirrors as seen in our Shopping 2020 whitepaper:


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