eYeka & consumer creativity @ the Cannes Lions

We have brought consumer creativity at the Cannes Lions. Our 2 workshops were extremely well received with many marketers, agencies and professional creatives getting a better understanding on how creative individuals can contribute a wealth of fresh and original creative ideas to solve the biggest marketing challenges, while benefiting agencies themselves.

We showcased many examples on how leading brands tap into consumers’ creativity to help position a brand, inspire fresher advertizing or design new packaging. We are taking this opportunity to thank the Cannes Lions organizers for inviting us and agreeing to continue the discussion on opening up a new category to recognize creative individuals.

Our Facebook campaign page, Roar Out Loud! is now numbering over 11,000 likes and was mentioned in the Guardian, the Marketing Blog and the leading French marketing publication Strategies (available online for subscribers only).

We have a few ideas on how to keep the lions and the cubs roaring but to enrich the discussion we would love to get different viewpoints about the merits of a « consumer creativity » category, the pros and cons, the pitfalls, how to make it work…

We welcome your comments.

About joelcere

Joël was Global Insights & Innovation Director for eYeka. Ex-agency man - 14 years in advertising, PR, media and digital - who dabbed in startups as co-founder, investor or partner, he is passionate about innovation, disruptive ideas, marketing and business strategy. He has a keen interest in contemporary art, eco-preservation, futurecasting and becoming editor-at-large for Food & Travel.
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