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eYeka connects marketers to a community of over 200,000 creative individuals from 94 countries to solve marketing challenges in the form of creative competitions. We’re aware that peoples’ everyday creativity and their willingness to engage with brands is fundamental – and we’re not the only ones to think that way! In order to assess the state of creativity across countries, we initiated a set of surveys in France, the United Kingdom and the United States. The results is this eYeka Creativity Survey Dataset. We now share this data, free for anyone to use.


The questions we asked:

With this set of surveys, we wanted to what extent people consider themselves creative, how much time they spend on creative activities, and whether they are willing to share this creativity to co-create with organizations. Hence we asked 15 questions, including the ones listed below. For some of the questions and items, we also provide academic references in the spreadsheet.


  • Generally speaking, do you consider yourself a creative person?
  • What motivates you (or would motivate you) to engage in creative activities?
  • In the future, how much time would you like to spend on creative activities (compared to today)?
  • If a brand asked you to help her co-create a product/service with them, how would you react?
  • If a brand asked me for help in creating or improving its products/services, my main drivers to participate would be…
  • Which product category would attract you most for collaborating with a brand?
  • At which stage would you be willing to co-create with a brand?


How we gathered the data:

We used the survey tool SurveyGizmo to design the survey. The respondents were provided by the panel provider Cint, who targets them according to national Census data. Hence, we considered that the data is representative of the countries’ populations. The eYeka Creativity Survey Dataset that you’ll find below contains data from three « waves » of data collection:


  1. The first wave was conducted in September 2011 and gathered 955 answers from French consumers.
  2. The second wave was conducted from late 2011 to early 2012 and gathered 511 answers from American consumers.
  3. The third wave was conducted in June 2012 and gathered 483 answers from British consumers.


How we used the data:

Besides assessing the state of creativity across three major countries, we wanted to find out how willing people are to engage with brands. Hence, our analyses focused mainly on self-perceived creativity, willingness to co-create and the differences between countries. We first presented some insights in blog posts about co-creative consumer engagement and willingness to co-create. Besides, results were featured on sites like the Huffington Post, Innovation Excellence, Netimperative or IDG Connect. But now that the word has spread, we would like to share the data with the world (and those who have data analysis and/or data visualization skills).


How you can use the data:

AS YOU WANT! This dataset is made available by eYeka under the Open Data Commons Attribution License, which means that eYeka grants to you a worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive, terminable license to use it. The term « use » includes distribution, copy, public performance, public display, preparation of derivative works as well as modifcation of the data set. The only condition set by the Open Data Commons Attribution License is to cite eYeka as the source by including the following notice in any derived document:


Contains information from the eYeka Creativity Survey Dataset which is made available under the ODC Attribution License by eYeka


Please be fair, we invested a lot of resources in gathering, formatting and now sharing this dataset. We would appreciate you citing eYeka as the source of any analysis and work that you derive from this data – even if it’s tiny and in the bottom of your presentation ;-). Last but not least: don’t hesitate to keep us posted, we’d love to hear how your creativity used this data. Have fun!










Erratum: The answers to the question « How much time do you spend on average per month on each of the following activities? » are not the rights ones. Instead of Totally Disagree (1), Disagree (2), Neutral (3), Agree (4), Totally agree (5), the answers that respondents could choose from were the following: None (0), Less than half a day (1), About 1 day (2), Btw 1 and 3 days (3), Btw 3 and 7 days (4), More than 7 days (5). Sorry for the inaccuracy, and thank you to an eagle-eyed user for notifying us!

Less than half a day
About 1 day
Btw 1 and 3 days
Btw 3 and 7 days
More than 7 days

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