ADK’s « Stand for Japan » exhibition at Ad:tech Tokyo

thumbnailsA couple of days ago, Asatsu-DK (ADK) and eYeka showcased the benefits of co-creation at ad:tech in Tokyo. Ad:tech is an international series events around of digital advertising and technology, targetted at the interactive marketing profession. As you may know, ADK and eYeka have formed a strategic partnership to intergate co-creation as a building block of modern advertising. Tapping into the collective creative power of eYeka’s community allowed ADK and its clients to access fresh, consumer-rooted creative ideas to innovate their marketing and communication.

One of the common projects was the Stand for Japan contest, winner of the 2012 Co-Creation Awards in the Not-For-profit Marketing & Communication category, with which ADK sourced creative insights about what is truly unique to Japanese culture. Some of the artwork and videos were exhibited at the underground square of Tokyo Station, from July 2012 to October 2012… and now ADK chose to showcase them ad Ad:tech. Here are some pictures and testimonials from Tokyo.

exhibition« Our primary purpose of holding this event is to show our potential customers that ADK is very much dedicated in co-creation as an innovative solution to drive the business innovation among Japanese companies, » ADK explained. « Many people were impressed with the quality of the content that creative consumers can deliver. »

exhibition« We got some positive comments from various stakeholders including other agencies, service providers, publishers, consulting firms, innovative startups, digital entrepreneurs, and clients, » the agency notes. « Visitors were interested in eYeka’s co-creation community as a a creative solution for a variety of business issues including new concept development for brand creation, brand experience and new product development in a fast manner. » ADK also told us that « some people even showed interests in joining the eYeka community! »

exhibitionWe’re proud that we were featured in Tokyo, and we would like to thank ADK for their trust and dedication. We totally agree with the agency in saying that eYeka’s community is extraordinarily creative, and are happy to be a link in the chain of co-creation. We hope that, in the future, more agencies will allow brands to connect with eYeka’s creative community.

One of them is Idea Bakery, which allows its clients to tap into the collective creative of eYeka’s online community to help them build more relevant products and brands.

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