Forbes features eYeka community ideas from « Reinvent Voting »

screenshotRemember the Reinvent Voting for the Facebook Generation contest, on eYeka earlier this year? We were looking for videos and animations that illustrated the community’s creative ideas about voting. The objective was to show how making it easier and more engaging to vote, especially to engage the younger generations, could benefit democracy.

Almost 500 creators got engaged in the project, and we received 50 great videos from around the world! Eventually, the winning ideas came from Canada and France, but many more interesting ideas were created by members of the community. We loved it! And not only eYeka loved the entries, it seems that the American business magazine Forbes loved them too!

screenshotIn an article called Election By Cash Machine, And 4 Other Radical Voting Ideas, Forbes contributor Parmy Olson features 5 of the community’s ideas: The “Give Voting the Finger” word-of-mouth campaign (video), the idea of voting via ATM (video), Martin Juza’s « Smartphone App » idea illustrated by a great animation, GregorK’s suggestion of peer recommendations (video) and Didwee’s futuristic « Intelligent Paper » idea (video). The reporter says that « systemic changes are ultimately more powerful than any awareness campaign, » underlining the sheer creativity of the ideas, and the potential impact that these can have to engage young voters.

We’re proud of the ideas the community came up, which is just the tip of the iceberg of the incredible creativity on eYeka. Don’t hesitate to share the article with your networks… and if you’re an U.S. citizen, GO VOTE today!

Put your creative hat on and reinvent the way we vote! Imagine a newer, easier and more engaging way to vote that would appeal to the younger generations

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