5 signs that crowdsourcing will cross the chasm in 2013

editorial_23920_780x0_proportionFrançois Pétavy, CEO of eYeka explains in crowdsourcing.org how crowdsourcing will shift from experimentating to mainstream among big brand owners this year. We have five reasons to believe this is imminent:

  1. Crowdsourcing can address today problems that were either too costly or impossible to solve in the past,
  2. We can prove that crowdsourcing pays off as we have now access to results of earlier crowdsourcing initiatives,
  3. To face-off hyper-competition, brands have been shifting budget away from traditional marketing activities to leaner, more connected and more effective ways to deliver innovation to consumers,
  4. Crowdsourcing has finally entered marketers’ vocabulary,
  5. It is all happening faster than anticipated. IBM predicts that the number of companies adopting a more open model will double in the next 2 years.

Read the full article at crowdsourcing.org.

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Joël was Global Insights & Innovation Director for eYeka. Ex-agency man - 14 years in advertising, PR, media and digital - who dabbed in startups as co-founder, investor or partner, he is passionate about innovation, disruptive ideas, marketing and business strategy. He has a keen interest in contemporary art, eco-preservation, futurecasting and becoming editor-at-large for Food & Travel.
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