Introducing eYeka PULSE: Now Anyone Can Suggest Ideas To Brand Marketers

eYeka PULSE is a fun online tool that allows anyone to suggest new ideas about products or marketing to brands. Because it is text-based, it is a perfect complement to existing eYeka creative challenges, allowing a wider range of people to express their creative thoughts without a requirement for any design or illustration skills.

eYeka PULSE allows marketers to get creative ideas directly from nearly 240,000 consumers in 154 countries. With eYeka PULSE, a marketer can develop sustained, meaningful, real-time conversations with a community of consumers to embed them in all aspects of marketing and communication.

Since our soft launch 3 weeks ago, we have already received over 4,000 ideas from all over the world and covering topics from branding to promotional ideas to suggestions for new products.

Discover eYeka PULSE at






About joelcere

Joël was Global Insights & Innovation Director for eYeka. Ex-agency man - 14 years in advertising, PR, media and digital - who dabbed in startups as co-founder, investor or partner, he is passionate about innovation, disruptive ideas, marketing and business strategy. He has a keen interest in contemporary art, eco-preservation, futurecasting and becoming editor-at-large for Food & Travel.
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