What makes eYeka’s Brazilian Community so special

eYeka in Brazil

eYeka is the the World’s biggest creative playground, allowing marketers and their agencies to create and market better products by leveraging the creative ideas of over 250,000 creative individuals in 154 countries. One of these countries is Brazil: We have a Brazilian Community Manager, a Portuguese version of our website and a support system for the users in Portuguese. What makes them special? Who are they? Let’s talk about this friendly community.


What makes our Brazilian community special?

Brazilian people are known for being a very nice, chatty and cheerful; and the Brazilian community in eYeka is not very different. In general, our Brazilian creators are very kind and sweet. They never complain, they always accept our suggestions and propositions for improvements on their entries. And even when their entries are not accepted in contests because they don’t fit the brief, they react positively.

Sometimes we even get some excuses of them for not attending the objectives and even promises that they will do better next time. They have a very constructive attitude to their creative work, willing to take on suggestions and always looking to improve themselves from contests to contests.


We also noticed that they rarely use the support tab or the discuss tab if they are new in eYeka. This is a cultural behavior: support services in Brazil are known to be ineffective and untruthful. That’s why the support in Portuguese and the communication in their native language is important to inspire confidence and guarantee the growth and the loyalty from this community.


Who are some of the most active Brazilian community members?

The most active group that frequently participates in our contests and try to take a shot in eYeka are mainly formed by young creators in their late 20’s, finishing their studies or starting their professional life. The majority of our good Brazilian members have already some professional experience in Advertising, Design and Cinema/Video, which means that they are highly creative and have the skills to express themselves! Let us meet some of them:


Cleber Almeida a.k.a JLewis is a 32 year-old videomaker from São Paulo. He studied Advertising and worked with it during some time. The long and abusive hours of work in Advertising agencies in Brazil made him decided to take a break, go to Cuba to study Cinema. When he came back from Cuba, he gave up from Advertising and concentrated in his passion, video and cinema.


But even if his videos are amazing, such as his beautiful short film still competing for the Coca-Cola First Time video contest, sometimes he participates in design contests with very good entries. And it was in an insight contest, Chiquita Bananas, that he won the first eYeka prize, early this year. What made him decide to participate in eYeka’s contests?

I decided to participate because I thought it’s an incredible opportunity. Good customers, good products, good deadlines. Well, I decided to participate in order to develop cool material and to gain experience.”

See more about Cleber’s work here in his Vimeo profile.


Fernando Rogério De Grossoli a.k.a fernandogross is a creation director in a renowned Brazilian agency and he has 14 years of experience in Design and Advertising.


He joined eYeka just some months ago, but he already won the second prize of Lipton Milk Tea contest, announced last week. For this talented creator, experience in analyzing different concepts and techniques from other countries is essential for the evolution of our profession. How does he see eYeka?

« eYeka is the showcase for talents from different countries, we can show our creativity and enhance our knowledge with the group ».

You can see more about Fernando’s work here in his online portfolio.


Carlos Takemoto is a videomaker and a designer also from São Paulo and he’s known in the Community for being a very nice guy. He has a lot of experience in video production, animation, advertising and television networks and he worked in several animation studios and TV channels.


He is a very bright creator; his videos are always very amusing. He also participates with several entries in a contest, sending 3 or even 4 entries for a single challenge. Carlos won the eYeka Tagline contest last year in his very first participation in a eYeka’s challenge. How does eYeka inspire him?

We were inspired by your ideas and the overall enthusiasm your creations convey about eYeka. We also really sensed that eYeka is and needs to be about unleashing your creative potential and stimulating your creativity.


Karine Lima a.k.a KarineHimura is a lovely 29 year-old creator who comes from Porto Alegre, in the South of Brazil. She was the first Brazilian to won a contest in eYeka, the Sunsilk challenge last year. And she was also elected as the last August’s Creator of the Month. Karine is a professional graphic designer, she is passionate for her profession and packaging contests are the ones that attracts her most in eYeka.

After winning the Sunsilk challenge she decided to do a specialization in the packaging domain. As a nice girl she is, Karine says that the best part of winning a contest in eYeka was make her family very proud. « My grandfather was so happy about it, that he still tells everyone about it!« , she reveals. What does she say about eYeka?

I’ll keep on participating in eYeka’s contests because this relation with big brands that eYeka offers is better than the prizes. Great experiences like that is priceless!

See more about Karine’s work here in her online profile.


What about the future?

Opening the doors to the Brazilian Community helped us to gather numerous participants, improve the communication with our creators from Brazil in their mother tongue and explore this growing potential and creativity asleep in the first years of eYeka. What is missing to engage and attract more Brazilian creators?

Carlos' winning eYeka poster (virtually) displayed in the streets of Sao Paolo

Carlos’ winning eYeka poster (virtually) displayed in the streets of Sao Paulo

Maybe an external communication project to make eYeka known in Brazil. Brazilian people love internet and participate in online platforms. The country has also very good schools of Advertising, Marketing, Design, Cinema and Communication and could be a very good environment go gather good creators.

They are also generally attracted by the experience of working directly with big brands and having a “plus” in their career as well as, of course, the prizes (if we convert the prizes from euro to real, our money, the amount is VERY high!). eYeka is starting to be known in Brazil and having an increasing number of homegrown Brazilian brands on the platform will certainly give a boost to our local community there! That’s a little step that eYeka should give in their direction to consolidate a more active and large community in the future.

But Brazilians go with the flow: they follow what is already known, they incorporate habits and practices already recognized as trustful and fun. Would you like to join them on the world’s largest creative playground, in Portuguese? Click below:

eYeka quick questions in Portuguese

eYeka is starting to be known in Brazil and having an increasing number of homegrown Brazilian brands on the platform will certainly give a boos to our local community there

About Daniella Franco

Daniella Franco was the Brazilian Community Manager of eYeka until March 2013. She was responsable for the communication and the support for the Brazilian and Portuguese creators, media moderation and the contests' health.
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