What makes eYeka’s Russian-speaking community so special

eyeka-russiaAfter discovering the Brazilian community of eYeka, the World’s biggest creative playground, it’s time to discover the Russian-speaking community. These members come from different countries besides Russia, such as Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and many more. eYeka is a global platform and since our Russian-speaking community is in itself a mixture of different cultures and customs, it contributes immensely to our diversity by offering brand-new visions approaches, unique points of view and refreshingly new ideas. While our Russian-speaking creators are different from each other, there is one place that brings them together and it’s: ru.eyeka.com.


It is hard to categorize or label our Russian speaking community in terms of a unique style of creativty. The community is talented in many different fields. One thing is for sure, by looking at past competitions, there will always be someone from those countries winning a prize in video/idea/design category. Let us share some observations about our Russian-speaking community:

  •  They are very active and responsive. eYeka doesn’t really have any competitors in those countries and creative people are struggling to take part in creative challenges, especially when it is an international contest organized by a well-known brand. eYeka offers a unique opportunity to create and collaborate with the big brands.
  • They have an inquisitive nature and do not hesitate to ask questions about our challenges. There are always some comments on the discuss tabs coming from Russian-speaking creators. The nice thing is that they help each other and answer questions from other participants when a Community Manager isn’t available to answer them.
  • They come from everywhere! Our Russian-speaking creators, unlike some other communities, come from different parts of their countries, not only the big capital cities.
  • They are into scriptswriting, story-boards and sketches. It seems like most of them are full of creative ideas, but do not always have the opportunity to film them.
  • The most frequently asked question by new comers: “Are you real? Isn’t your website a joke?” Sometimes it takes a while to convince them, as they can be very suspicious. But once we have shown them that eYeka is for real, and that brands are really asking questions, their creativity is unleashed.

Who are some of the most active Russian-speaking community members?

fDunk is a very promising photographer and graphic designer from Ukraine.  His main occupation is medicine, but it doesn’t prevent him from creating. He joined eYeka less than one year ago and has already won two prizes. You will find a full interview with him in our February 2013 community member feature.

What makes him inspired to participate in eYeka’s contests? « eYeka is the place where you can draw inspiration, which has an amazing variety of tasks as well as methods for their embodiment, » he says. « There are always several contests, and there is always a choice. »

For me eYeka – is a place for people from all over the world: different cultures, different ways of life, different religions and world-views can realize themselves and their creativity. This is the empowerment for people, and everybody here gets the benefit – the customer, contestants, eYeka employees – isn’t it a perfect model of co-existence?

Bakal is an animator and graphic designer from Russia. We truly appreciate his minimalistic and accurate style. He was one of the very first Russian creators who have won a prize on eYeka.

What does he say about eYeka and crowdsourcing? « I usually visit your platform and I like being a part of crowdsourcing, » he told us when we asked him. « The first thing that interests me when I open the homepage is the quantity of contests. I’m talking about choice, it is very important when one can have a wide choice.

Choice is a freedom for creativity. But everything changes, even the notion of crowdsourcing. If you will come up with a new version of crowdsourcing this will encourage and inspire many more creative people.

Usyaev is a very talented Russian videomaker.  In general his every 5th entry has won a prize on eYeka and this is just a beginning.

One of his inspiration sources? « Once an idea came to me after a long thinking about music, » he says.

Music for many people is something more than just the vibrations of sound waves. Music paints the surrounding area. It adds bright colours to our surroundings. And people are transformed when they hear the familiar notes.

This a winning video created for the Lacoste contest in which the community was asked to unleash the Lacoste crocodile:

What about the future?

Speaking Russian is key to sustain this community. The number of creators from Russian-speaking countries on our platform more than doubled from the moment when we started to “speak” their language at eYeka. Creators are always asking for advice, help in translation and they certainly prefer to get answers in their mother tongue. We would also receive complaints when the brief isn’t translated into Russian, for example.

There is no limit to perfection and we may go on further to better accommodate Russian-speaking creators’ needs and expectations. eYeka is increasingly active in the Russian market and we are looking forward to collaborate with Russian brands.  This will give Russian companies exposure to global creativity to create world-class marketing campaigns, and will give the option for participants to submit their entries in Russian. So if you are a Russian brand manager, see what you can achieve on the world’s largest creative playground, eYeka. Many creators, Russian speaking or not, will welcome the opportunity to engage with your brand!

About Anastasia Artemova

Anastasia Artemova was the Russian Community Manager from January 2012 to April 2013 on eYeka. She took care of guidance of Russian-speaking community members and its' support, media moderation and on-line member acquisition
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