8 Brands That Crowdsource Marketing & Product Ideas: Citroen, Coca-Cola & eYeka Featured On Econsultancy

econsultancy_logoCoca-Cola is listed as one of the 8 brands that crowdsource marketing and product ideas on Econsultancy with our « energizing refreshment » project used as an example.

Noteworthy fact:  » The winning ad outperformed a lot of Coca-Cola’s commissioned work based on Millward Brown’s Link Score and the brand achieved a 900% productivity gain against briefing through traditional means when taking into account all the costs of using co-creation versus its usual agency and production fees. »

You can watch the full Coca-Cola case study here or download a PDF version.

eConsultancy also mentions Citroen who created an app for you to design your own version of the C1. We are proud to have contributed to Citroen’s co-creation efforts too through a recent project where we invited creators to customise the new Citroen DS3. A selection of designs was put to vote on Facebook.

6 other brands were listed as crowdsourcers by Econsultancy: Nissan, Boehringer Ingelheim, Volkswagen, Levi’s, Expedia, Greggs and Bobbi Brown.

If you are a marketer or an agency for these brands, needless to say that our community of creators would love to work with you

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