What makes eYeka’s Chinese-speaking community so special?

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After introducing eYeka’s Brazilian community as well as the community’s Russian-speaking creators, let’s travel to the other side of the globe and shine the spotlight on China! For several years, eYeka has been growing its presence in Asia, with China being a top priority. Brands are indeed eager to engage with Chinese consumers, and having a Chinese community is therefore very important. We even wrote a whitepaper about using co-creation to discover China! Let’s have a look at this very special community and discover some of eYeka’s Chinese creators.

China’s community is a young community with most members aged between 20 and 30 years old. Among them we count many students and amateurs who are passionate about creativity. Even if most are not professionals, we often find Chinese creators among our prize winners in eYeka contests! Due to cultural factors, our Chinese-speaking community members tend to be more cautious when joining contests. They sometimes tell us:

Some contests launched in China are fake – winners have been decided internally and they are not transparent at all

Chinese-speaking creators are more careful, even when joining eYeka contests too. We need to give them more guidelines and information for new members to show them that eYeka is trustworthy and totally fair.

The Chinese-speaking community is especially talented in animation: 26 animations have been awarded to China’s community members in the past 2 years. One of the reasons for this success is that members are talented, hard-working and curious about brands. Even when the Chinese-speaking community is not familiar with some of the brands that launch contests on eYeka, they are willing to do extra-research to better understand these brands.

When reading the Remy Martin brief, the first thing on my mind is: I need to understand more about the brand Remy Martin and the product. I tried to get as much as information about the brand. This is very important, I always do this whenever I want to join eYeka contest – and then started to think of the idea: and I found out oak plays an important part when making and storing the Remy Martin, so I created an entry about oak box for Remy Martin. (Zhangxiansheng)


After checking the DesignPhil brief, I first went to Designphil website to know the brand and checked their products, to get a whole idea on what kind of entry the brand is looking for. Then I started to create my entry. (Mrno)


For this Remy Martin contest, I know the brand is targeting people around 30 years old, so I did some research about the brand and the target audience’s consumption habits and then started to create my entry. (Cat_z)

It is also interesting to find out that because the Chinese have a unique culture in literature, music or visual arts, entries from our Chinese-speaking community members can provide some very different perspectives for brands. Take the Santa Claus contest for example, in which two China creators proposed that Santa Claus could mount clouds and ride the mist to deliver Christmas gifts, just like the Monkey King in Chinese mythology Journey to the west. It’s always nice to see those entries with strong cultural characteristic from the community.

"Machine version Santa Claus" by Lencer, and "Monkey King" by 196239, two Chinese community members

Who are some of the most active Chinese-speaking community members?

Here we would like to introduce some creators from the Chinese-speaking communit. As we mentioned, they are young and passionate about creativity. They are also active participants, and even they do not win a contest, they never give up and will participate frequently until they do!

shu wu

Shu_wu, born in 1981, is a professional animator graduated from an Animation school in China. He has been working in several big cities in China, but finally decided to go back to his hometown and set up an animation studio with his friends. So far he has won 6 prizes on eYeka.

The reason why I choose to join eYeka contests is that all of them are launched by famous brands, and the prizes were really attractive! eYeka is a very good and fair platform for creators. Every time I see the brief, I will come up with a lot of interesting ideas. And I really enjoy creating animation just for fun.

« One thing I learn from eYeka is that: it’s important and it’s always good to learn from other creators, to learn from their works and their creativity, » he told us. « If someone has already created a chair, of course you can learn and create another chair, but how could you stand out from the rest? This is the question I always ask myself, » telling us that eYeka provides him a great platform to improve his skills. You can see more about shu_wu’s animation here on his online profile.


Allentaste, who is 24 years old, learned animation all by himself and started to join eYeka’s animation contest 2 years ago when he was in university. So far he has won 7 prizes! At first, his parents didn’t want him to take animation as a career but after he won several prizes on eYeka, his parents started to understand his talents better and supported him on animation. eYeka is a trusted contest outlet for him:

I started to join some creative contest in China when I was in high school, but  some of them are not fair because the organizer decided the winner but they were never announced, it’s quite common in China and I was really disappointed about that. I got my confidence back after I discovered eYeka.

With the prize money from eYek’s contests, he bought some equipment and continued to learn animation. He likes the concept of co-creating with eYeka and all the brands, and is very thankful for the opportunities that it provides him. Allentaste said he’s very shy, so he doesn’t like to talk a lot, but he likes colorful things. You can see that there are a lot of colors in his animations. For example, his winning entry for « I love museum »campaign launched by Singapore National Heritage Board here 🙂 He’s a passionate creator:

I found out animation is my whole world. I can’t live without it

zhang yiwei

Zhangxiansheng, born in 1990, is a student majoring in Architecture at Tongji University in Shanghai who has won 3 first prizes in eYeka’s ideation contests. Most of his entries combine his creativity and with architectural knowledge. He thinks his advantage is that he has some basic skills in drawing because of what he learned from architecture, but what’s more important is that he thinks creatively and he will do a lot of research about the brands to understand what kind of entry brands are looking for.

What he likes at eYeka is that there are different kinds of contests, and even those who are not professionals can still participate with their ideas! « It’s really encouraging, » he says, « I started to join eYeka contest as a student without any animation or video skills, so I believe other students can do that too! » Winning gave him a lot of confidence:

Thanks to eYeka, I have enough confidence to work as freelancer after winning 3 prizes here, I used to imaging having a good job, but now I think I can make it by myself. So I would like to have my own studio in the future.


Mrno was also born in 1990, and she’s a student at Jiangnan University in Jiangsu Province, China. She joined eYeka two years ago and has won 7 prizes so far. She’s particularly interested in packaging design contests and is passionate about innovation too.

I am very happy to be a member of the eYeka community – this big and creative family, where all the creative ideas make me feel excited and inspired! I hope eYeka will bring more creative contests for us.

Mrno thinks that to participate in eYeka’s contests, you must understand the brand well: the brand culture, the products, and what is the brand expecting from the contest. Like many other creators, she likes to do some research about brands and companies before participating. She sees benefits for her, and for brands: « I like the way we work with all these famous brands, it’s a win-win situation for both brands and creators, » she told us.

What about the future?

While eYeka is getting known by Chinese-speaking creators, creators have more expectations from us: they are eager to have a forum in eYeka where they could have more interactions and communications with creators from all over the world and from eYeka Community Managers. They would also like to have the chance to meet up with other  creators and eYeka people as well.  We listened: we now have a special eYeka Meetup page.

We have also launched some contests specifically for the Chinese-speaking community only and creators loves when we do that! So, as we get more and more feedback Chinese creators, we are looking forward to working with more Chinese brands in the future so that they can put their creative talent at the service of their home brands too. And some local projects are already in the pipeline!

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Xuan Long was the Chinese Community Manager on eYeka. Passionate about new media and the creative industry. She worked at eYeka as Community Manager for 4 years, providing support and engaging with the eYeka creative community.
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