Our Newsletter of May 2013: How Nescafé Reinvented Instant Coffee, Café Style

The rise of the café culture has led to a dip in attractiveness for instant coffee. Nescafé was looking for innovative concepts to keep the category relevant and attractive to consumersNescafé challenged the eYeka community to reinvent instant coffee. Our creative challenge: « Make the best of both worlds by reinventing instant coffee with a new product idea so it can be enjoyed at home as a treat, café style. »

In just 3 weeks, Nescafé received 138 ideas originating from over 40 countries, and chose 3 winners. Relevant idea clusters were identified by Nestlé who organized focus groups to validate them. The company is now testing some of the most promising and innovative concepts across 6 markets and is already planning more projects with the eYeka community, both on a local and global scale.

Watch the case study video HERE

Read the May newsletter HERE

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Yannig was Marketing Manager at eYeka, responsible for PR, communication and research. Interested in marketing, innovation and design-related topics, he also loves to free his head by cycling, running, reading or drawing. Yannig, who holds an MSc from ESSCA School of Management and a PhD from University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, tweets under @YannigRoth and blogs at www.yannigroth.com
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