What makes eYeka’s Spanish-speaking community special?

eYeka-Spanish-speaking-countriesThe Spanish-speaking community (creators not only from Spain, but also from the Baleares, Canarias, Paraguay, Mexico, Argentina or Chile) is among the most important on eYeka. Spain and Latin America have a strong artistic heritage, which makes them good places to find inspiration. Brands value the creations from talented people coming from these countries, especially since Latin America has grown into a strategically important market for international brands. But what makes our Spanish-speaking community so special?

What makes them special?

To me it’s very pleasant to deal with Spanish-speaking creators as they are always very nice to us, Community Managers. We count slightly more than 12,000 creators from these countries. They don’t hesitate to contact us whenever they need information, often for concrete topics when they really need an answer that they couldn’t find in the creative brief or on our website. The relationship with them is quite easy, now that they know our team. A special bond was built between the Community Managers and the creators

They really appreciate the fact that we can express ourselves in Spanish as some of them have difficulties to speak in English or are not at ease with it so would rather avoid communicating in a foreign language. They always listen to the advice we give them and are willing to improve their skills on our platform.

Meet some of our Spanish-speaking creators

Saya, from Ecuador, and his daughter

Saya, from Ecuador, and his daughter

This creator, Saya, comes from Ecuador and joined eYeka in May 2012. In real life, he is a creative graphic engineer. He loves to design and push himself to see how far he can get, in everything he does. He told us that he never lets anything defeat him. He joined eYeka when he was looking for design competitions; just to try out. But after each contest he got more and more interested in eYeka. So far, he won one prize in the Yogi Sip contest. He told us that it motivates him to keep on participating in eYeka’s contest. Beside winning, his motivation comes from his family, his wife, and his 2 daughters. As for his inspiration, it comes from looking at the world around him, the shapes, the colors, etc…

We can see Gilover on the right side with his partner Drsn who is also an eYeka member

We can see Gilover on the right side, with his partner Drsn, who is also an eYeka member

Gilower recently joined eYeka but he is already addicted to our platform! He is very active and we often communicate through mails as Gilower likes getting advice from Community Managers in order to give brands the perfect creation. He first submitted a creation in November 2012. Since then he has already won 2 prizes for Unilever’s Ice Cream Pack contest and Bimbo’s packaging contest. This Spanish professional designer is really talented. He told me that he first learnt of eYeka thanks to a very good friend of him called Drsn, and who is also very talented, being a winner of 2 prizes. It seems that word-of-mouth is working very well in Spain 😉


Wild3D comes from San Fernando in Spain and is a bit older than our usual creators in the Spanish community. In real life he is a graphic designer. As Boulanol, our French creator, he participated in many contest but has not won yet; as Boulanol he has a strong motivation! What is interesting is that he perfectly manages the different communication channels of eYeka (emails, facebook, twitter etc.) and does not hesitate to contact us to make sure that we get his problem and are able to answer properly.

Eric (on the left) and his working team

Eric (on the left) and his working team

Ericdraven is a 30 year old director from Madrid, who has worked in the audiovisual field for quite a few time, mainly producing music clips for alternative groups, advertising campaigns and social video. He is also dedicated to graphic design, mainly web design and prints. He recently won a prize for a contest called Living in the Moment. For this challenge, we wanted creators to show us how they enjoy the present moment according to their culture. Eric shared with us a slice of his life: For him it starts by going to a bar after work with his friends and having some beverages and Tapas (he said it himself, so we guess that having Tapas after work in Spain is not only a stereotype!). He liked this challenge as he was able to work with his friends and now he can share the joy of winning a prize with them:

It was a great contest, I am very glad that I joined it, not only for the prize of course, but also because it was clear and inspiring. I liked because I was able to did it with my friends

About the future

According to me, the Spanish-speaking community will keep on growing as the future is very promising in Latin America. 🙂 Many talented creators are living there, waiting for new challenges to come in. New contest with new brands will get a lot of success over there. We all think that this community has a great potential and can bring many positive returns to brands and to the creative field. That’s why we want to pay extra attention to them and make sure they feel good on our platform.

About Prisca Goullet

Prisca Goullet was a French and Spanish Community Manager, joining joined eYeka in September 2012 and staying within the company until June 2014. She is interested in Marketing Media and content, thus enjoy discovering new creations coming from all over the world everyday.
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