Agencies Reinvented: Welcome to the Collaborative, Creative Eco-System


Is the current elitist agency model sustainable in a world where creativity has been democratized? eYeka shared the stage with ADK at Spikes Asia 2013 in Singapore to talk about a new, more creative and more profitable model for agencies. We talked about how the way brands used to connect to consumers has drastically changed over the last twenty years and how brands, and their agencies are still catching up with this new reality. In short, to succeed today, brands need to offer consumers something they want to participate in.

We challenged the audience to think of agencies as “treasure chests,” full of jewels. The latter being creative talents of course. The stones are precious and the box is pretty but it is still a box. And the biggest brands have started to notice the creativity that exists outside these boxes.  eYeka is one of these agents of change that connect brands with creators, all over the world.

We see a future where agencies open-up their model and form networks to connect with other non-traditional reservoirs of creativity.

Toru Fujii, Senior Creative Director for ADK took the stage to show that this model was not a prediction but a reality. ADK was the first agency to embrace a more co-creative model. He shared 3 case studies that show where working with consumers as creators allowed his agency to increase its ROI:

  • A case study on product innovation in the laundry category, something that agencies are not usually involved in. Opening a new category of upstream, strategic projects.
  • A case study for Coke Burn in Japan where crowdsourcing allowed for the production of very creative, authentic videos in record time for an online campaign.
  • A case study for Schick Quattro where co-created videos outperformed a leading anime franchise in an online campaign in Japan.

Toru candidly shared the pros and cons of the approach and how he successfully motivated his creative teams to be inspired by outside ideas. If you are interested to dig deeper into the topic, watch a previous webinar presented by Toru Fujii, called « Crowdsourcing? The agency creative no bulls’ view » below:

After the creative point-of-view, Kenshi Arai, Business Director Asia for ADK, standing for Kenichiro Omori brought a business perspective to the creative eco-system model. He highlighted how his agency benefited in three major areas:

  • Performance: co-created content delivers real results as it is often seen as more relevant to the target audience.
  • Efficiency: from cost-savings to getting to the right idea faster. Margins…
  • Commercial: opening new sources of revenue for the agency.

We had some great, challenging questions from the audience as a result. You can read more about our presentation in this excellent article from Campaign Asia. We will soon upload an abridged version of our presentation as a video for all to view. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to connect with us if you are interested in the topics of creativity, agencies’ business model and the return-on-investment of crowdsourcing and co-creation.

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Joël was Global Insights & Innovation Director for eYeka. Ex-agency man - 14 years in advertising, PR, media and digital - who dabbed in startups as co-founder, investor or partner, he is passionate about innovation, disruptive ideas, marketing and business strategy. He has a keen interest in contemporary art, eco-preservation, futurecasting and becoming editor-at-large for Food & Travel.
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