Our Brand New Online Platform, Co-Created With Our Community

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We’re delighted to announce the preview of the new version of our platform, eYeka.com. For the moment this beta version (eYekabeta.com) is available only in English but our Product team is working hard on adding additional languages as soon as possible. People use eYeka in many different ways (smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.), so we have created a responsive website which can be enjoyed from all your devices.

The process of redesigning eYeka.com started early on and was, ofd course, co-created. We followed a design thinking approach: we asked our community for ideas and ran focus groups with creators to understand what mattered most to them. They came to our Paris office, spent a day with UX specialists, were presented with potential wireframes, and were asked to create their own “ideal” pages:

eyeka wireframes from workshop

The new eYeka website is the culmination of these co-creative efforts. We have many plans and ideas that are just waiting to be implemented, but the current beta version focuses mostly on core features like creatinge an account, choosing and participating in contests, and reading winners announcements. Here is how it looks like:

  • The homepage (featuring Marina and Rangga randomly, more will come):

eYeka Beta Home V1

  • The contest teaser page:

eYeka Beta Teaser V1

  • The full brief page:

eYeka Beta Brief V1

This is only the beginning, and we are sharing this preview to understand what matters most to our users so that we can add it to the next releases! You’ll soon find out that it’s not just an visual redesign, but that it will serve as a foundation for new services which will be offered shortly to both our community and the brands we work with.

The experience is simpler, more fluid and hopefully more pleasant (Nicolas Borgis, VP Product)

The support tab found on the header is for you to send us your feedback (please provide a screenshot or URL of the page where you find something wrong) and co-create the next eYeka.com with all visitors. So pick up your smartphones, tablets, and laptops, type en.eYekabeta.com in whatever browser you use, and let us know what can be improved.

Thank you!

About Renaud El Ghozi

Renaud was Product Manager at eYeka. With 5 years of experience as a web product manager specialized in community sites and platforms, Renaud is passionate about the web and building features to please users, and he gets a kick out of websites that are clean, fast, simple, and beautiful <3. You can follow his Twitter @renaud_elghozi (#ux, #ui, #web, #innovation, #lean, #startups, #apps, #devices, #features).
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