« The Big C » – A Guide To Creating, Predicting And Amplifying Video Content That Will Boost Your Marketing ROI #Cmarketing

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Video content drives communities, commerce and increasingly CMO’s agenda. But can brands and their agencies, who have been making ads for over 60 years, succeed in creating engaging, shareable online content that  delivers marketing value? This short whitepaper, written by eYeka in a unique collaborative spirit with contributions from Coca-Cola, Energizer, Asatsu-DK, Unruly and ThisMoment offers an introduction to creating, predicting and amplifying social videos that work for consumers AND for brands.

coca-cola-contentIn the last decade, broadcast TV viewership slumped an astonishing 50%, especially among the youngest, most coveted demographics. This audience is now online and often watching content on a mobile device. Behind a shift in media consumption lays a more powerful shift in mindset. While being long-time passive consumer of cultural products, news and advertising, a booming segment of our society wants to take a more active role in shaping the mediasphere. « Generation C » is made-up mostly of millenials, but is more of a state of mind than an age group. It is made of people who want to express themselves, often creatively.

Being a creative generation, they are not adverse to original and relevant ads, but the tend not to trust them

While consumers are populating YouTube with a staggering 100 hours of video every minute, most leading brands are still experimenting cautiously with producing content. Coca-Cola is a notable exception (click on the image left to see an example). A co-creation project calling on the eYeka community to « illustrate Coca-Cola as an energizing refreshment, in their own style » generated worldwide buzz with over 6 million online mentions. Several pieces achieved top 10% of all-time best ads in sample markets through the Millward Brown Link™ score test, and internally Coca-Cola saw a 100% adoption of the creative materials across markets – compared to an average of 47%. The whole project had cost saving efficiencies of 92% against average agency fees and production costs!

Many other examples are described in this whitepaper. We also provide six practical tips for successful content creation and amplification:

  1. Don’t plan for a « viral » campaign
  2. Do it WITH consumers
  3. Aim for a strong emotional reaction
  4. Seed! Don’t wait for people to discover it
  5. Create a consistent and shareable experience
  6. Get your timing right

To download our whitepaper (PDF) visit our Resources section. If you just want to browse it, we have embedded it below. And don’t forget to share the news (use the Twitter hashtag #Cmarketing)

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