Half of Creatives Believe That Creativity Has Stagnated or Declined in The Last 10 Years

Image via blog.gettyimages.com

Image via blog.gettyimages.com

Surveys are dime a dozen, and surveys about creativity are not scarce either. In May 2012, we reported about two surveys, one run by Adobe and one initiated by ourselves, which revealed what the world thinks about creativity. Another survey, commissioned by iStock by Getty Images and ran by KRC Research, adds more data and insights about creativity and the way creative professionals see their field.

The research firm surveyed about 400 creatives across the US and the UK about the state of creativity in their profession. The results of the survey, called Free The Creative, revealed that one out of two creative professionals believes that creativity has stagnated or declined in the last ten years. Another finding is that a quarter of the respondents spend less than two hours a day doing creative work.  The survey also revealed that most of the survey participants experience their best creative work outside of the office and that new technology and tools help them become more creative.

Creatives seek other artistic pursuits outside of their work.

Here’s the infographic that iStock released to summarize some of the results:

Infographic: State of modern creativity, September 2013

Via PSFK: Why Creativity Is Being Threatened By The Agency World [Infographic]

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