More Than Half of Consumer Goods Companies Will Use Crowdsourcing by 2017 [Gartner Report]

At eYeka, we know that the growth of our business rests on some fundamental trends. We believe that there is a lot of untapped creativity, and that both consumers and companies can build on this latent creativity across the globe to innovate and market products more efficiently in a co-creative spirit. Brands and their agencies have recognized this trend, and we witness this growing acceptance of crowdsourcing every new day that we spend meeting our clients and partners. As confident as we are about the bases on which our business is built, it is always reassuring to see major analyst reports confirm the trend. Gartner’s latest predictions are doing just that: Crowdsourcing will keep shaping innovation and marketing in the years to come.

At Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2013, held in Orlando, Florida, Gartner revealed its predictions for IT organizations and users for 2014 and beyond. The analysts’ top predictions combine several disruptive topics — Digital Industrial Revolution, Digital Business, Smart Machines and the Internet of Things — that are set to have an impact on organisations in the future.

The second topic, Digital Business, which Gartner Inc. defines as « business created using digital assets and/or capabilities, involving digital products, services and/or customer experiences, and/or conducted through digital channels and communities,« stresses the growing role of crowdsourcing:

By 2017, more than half of consumer goods manufacturers will receive 75% of their consumer innovation and R&D capabilities from crowdsourced solutions

What does it mean in the short term? Gartner says that consumer goods companies that employ crowdsourcing in marketing campaigns or new product development will boost their revenue by 1% compared to « noncrowdsourced competitors » by 2015. So crowdsourcing does bring companies a competitive edge, according to Gartner. And indeed, « Gartner sees a massive shift toward applications of crowdsourcing, enabled by technology, such as: advertising, online communities, scientific problem solving, internal new product ideas, and consumer-created products, » the company says.

We have been convinced by the value of crowdsourcing for years, and Gartner’s predictions confirms this, as McKinsey or Forrester Research did in the past. By helping brands and their agencies use crowdsourcing to accelerate their marketing and improve their media ROI, eYeka already allows its clients to have a competitive edge! Do you want to find out why and how crowdsourcing works? Here are a couple of links for you to read:

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