eYeka Member Creates Data Visualization for Shazam

In April 2013 Shazam launched a contest on eYeka to identify creative talents who can turn its real-time music tagging data into stunning time-lapsed visualisations. eYeka’s community contributed 22 high-quality music data visualizations, and the winner, French freelance designer Jean-Baptiste Bodinier, stood out by the simplicity and stylishness of his visualization. He was commissioned by Shazam to create a video using music tagging data for the CMA Awards 2013, which you can see above.

Read the press release here.

Update (February 13th 2014):

Jean-Baptiste has shared two new videos that he has created for Shazam since the one mentionned above. The first one shows people shazaming during the 56th Annual GRAMMY Awards, and reveals that Hunter Hayes’ performance of InvisibleJohn Legend’s performance of All Of Me or Imagine Dragons’ & Kendrick Lamar’s performance of Radioactive were some of the Top Shazamed moments of the event:

The other video created by Jean-Baptiste shows people’s usage of Shazam during the 2014 Super Bowl, showing that Ellen DeGeneres’s Beats Music and AT&T ad, Chevrolet’s Life ad or Bruno Mars’ and The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ performance of Give It Away were some of the Top Shazamed moment of the event:

Congratulations Jean-Baptiste for these two new videos… and keep co-creating!

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