Our Newsletter of October 2013: Driving Consumer Engagement on Social Media with Nokia N9

To support the launch of the new Nokia N9 phone in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Carat was looking to engage consumers online around a key feature: a swipe that allows you to seamlessly navigate through the phone’s functionalities and applications. The agency needed video content for its social media campaign. We invited our community to dramatize the swipe by creating humorous videos, where « you can turn a situation to your advantage, with a real life swipe.« 

None of the 3 winning videos came from the UAE, yet their freshness and the originality of their creative executions resonated well with consumers in the target region. eYeka’s consumer-created videos significantly outperformed benchmark videos, especially in engagement on earned media, as they achieved + 108% in video play, +19% in Click-Through-Rate on bought media, +50% in social Click-Through-Rate (earned media) and the highest conversion rate of 16.72%.

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Yannig was Marketing Manager at eYeka, responsible for PR, communication and research. Interested in marketing, innovation and design-related topics, he also loves to free his head by cycling, running, reading or drawing. Yannig, who holds an MSc from ESSCA School of Management and a PhD from University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, tweets under @YannigRoth and blogs at www.yannigroth.com
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