The « Creating, Predicting and Amplifying Video Content That Delivers » Webinar is Online

Earlier this month, we announced and promoted our webinar « Creating, Predicting and Amplifying Video Content That Delivers! » in collaboration with Unruly Media. We’ve had the highest registration of all our past webinars, which shows the high interest around content marketing and video adevrtising, and thank all participants for attenting Jon Williams’ (Unruly Media) and Joël Céré’s (eYeka) session. Below are the questions and answers from our interactive Q&A session.

How long does it take to have a ShareRank test from end-to-end?

Jon WilliamsJon Williams, Associate Director at Unruly Media, explained that it takes about 10 working days to test a piece of video content through Unruly ShareRank. Depending on the scope of the test and the number of videos tested, you have to count between 10 and 14 working days to get a report about the social potential of your video content.

Does eYeka’s activity represent a threat to traditional agencies?

Joël CéréJoël Céré, Global Director of Insights & Innovation Solutions, explains that eYeka is a complement of what agencies, not a replacement. The members of eYeka’s community are creative individuals, they can bring a fresher perspective on marketing challenges, but it still takes the expertise of an agency to set up high-level brand strategies and plan content marketing plans. eYeka adds some extra creative capability.

How much does it cost to use crowdsourcing for the production of video content?

It depends on the needed quality of content and the complexity of the brief, because this all affects the scope of project management needed to motivate members to participate. Our experience tells us that you souldn’t offer less than 10,000€ in prizes for good video content, because otherwise people will opt for lower involvement contests, like design contests or idea contests. On top of the prize money for the community, you have to count fees for launching the project on eYeka, and you can contact us anytime to find out more about these.

How much can you interact with creatives after the end of the contest?

Joël Céré explains that before the contest, there is no direct interaction between clients and creatives as our role is to create a brief that is compelling and interesting. Our team of experienced planners translates the brand’s marketing challenge into a fun contest for consumers and community members, because we can’t brief our community like any other agency. During the contest, we have a very dedicated community team which interact with our members, and again it’s our role to answer their questions.

At the end of the contest, however, we strongly encourage our clients to provide feedback to community members, if possible on a collective basis, but ideally on an individual basis. Here, our creators will be highly interested in individual feedback and explanations about your choice of the winning submissions. If you want to ask the winning creator to slightly modify its creation, it’s possible, but it shouldn’t substantially alter the video (e.g. you can ask for another end frame or a slightly different shot, but not a totally different story).

Again, if you have more precise questions, please contact us anytime.


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