eYeka & Simplicity Partner to Turn Santiago, Chile Into a Latam Crowdsourcing Capital



eYeka has officially launched in Chile through a partnership with communication agency Simplicity. Eduardo Bertrán, founder of Simplicity and Francois Petavy, CEO of eYeka, presented the platform and different success stories from Asia, Europe, Oceania, and North America to a crowd of local journalists and marketers.

In Bertrán’s opinion, « co-creation is the indisputable future of marketing and innovation. Companies that do not involve their consumers in their creative processes are condemned to becoming disconnected from the real needs of their potential buyers and, therefore, condemned to extinction. »

François explained that « co-creation has become an open model for brands to get closer to consumers. Brands publish an inspiring brief and the community gets moving with unlimited ideas and creativity. Consumers no longer just consume products and services, but they also participate in providing creative and new solutions based on their own experiences. We know that this process, which has seen strong adoption from leading brands in Europe and Asia, will see significant growth in Latin America through Simplicity’s drive. »


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Joël was Global Insights & Innovation Director for eYeka. Ex-agency man - 14 years in advertising, PR, media and digital - who dabbed in startups as co-founder, investor or partner, he is passionate about innovation, disruptive ideas, marketing and business strategy. He has a keen interest in contemporary art, eco-preservation, futurecasting and becoming editor-at-large for Food & Travel.
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