eYeka’s Year 2013 in Review… And Happy 2014 to All Of You

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The last 12 months have been an amazing year at eYeka. Our community has grown by over 30,000 members, we have launched over 100 contests, paid out almost 1,000,000€, rolled out a new website, featured many creators, started hosting meet-ups, announced strategic partnerships, spoken about crowdsourcing across the globe, and (so) much more! Here’s a selection of highlights of 2013 at eYeka: just scroll down and see how the year unfolded.

January 2013: Baris Atiker’s animation on Turkish TV

In January, CarrefourSA officially launched its 20th anniversary campaign on Turkish TV, featuring design and animation of eYeka's contest winner Baris Aatiker

In January, we shared the news that CarrefourSA officially launched its 20th anniversary campaign on Turkish TV, featuring design and animation of eYeka’s Baris Aatiker. It was for the first time that a winning eYeka animation, without editing except for voice-over and logo corrections, was being used as main TV commercial by a brand. Pretty cool, no?

February 2013: Introducing eYeka PULSE

In early February 2013, eYeka launched PULSE, a fun online tool that allows anyone to suggest new ideas about products or marketing to brands. François Pétavy (CEO), Nicolas Borgis (VP Product) and Joël Céré (Director of Insights & Innovation Solutions) presented eYeka PULSE in action in a webinar on February 28th 2013.

March 2013: Philips amplifies eYeka video online

Remember the Philips Consumer Lighting contest,which ended on July 2012, when we asked the community to “bring to life what’s great about LED light bulbs in a very engaging video or animation?” In March of this year, we shared the news that the second-placed spot, by UK community member Beau, has been aired on Philips’ YouTube and Facebook pages. It has over 65,000 by now.

April 2013: Coca-Cola project shows impressive ROI figures

Click to see the Case Study video (YouTube)

In April’s (corporate) newsletter, we shared some figures about the ROI of the Energizing Refreshment contest, launched by Coca-Cola on eYeka in 2011 (which received 2,547 entries from 72 countries in 3 months).  The project generated worldwide buzz with over 6 million online mentions; several creative ideas produced by eYeka members achieved top 10% of all-time best ads in sample markets through the Millward Brown Link™ score test; Coca-Cola saw a 100% internal adoption of the creative materials across markets (compared to an average of 47%); and the project had cost saving efficiencies of 92% against average agency fees and production costs.

May 2013: How Nescafé reinvented instant coffee

Watch the case study video (YouTube)

In the May newsletter, we showed you an example of crowdsourcing for new product development: Nescafé was looking for innovative concepts to keep the instant coffee category attractive to consumers, and challenged the eYeka community to reinvent instant coffee. In just 3 weeks, Nescafé received 138 ideas from over 40 countries, chose 3 winners, organized focus groups to discuss ideas and tested the most promising and innovative concepts across 6 markets.

June 2013: Announcing our partnership with Unilever

We had many news in June (Toru Fujii’s webinar about co-creation, François Pétavy’s talk at CSW Singapore, eYeka’s first Meetup Day…) but the most striking piece of news was the signing of our partnership with Unilever. Unilever indeed teamed up with eYeka in order to further tap into its open creativity and crowdsourcing platform to work across Unilever’s brands as it looks to create more relevant marketing campaigns with consumers.

July 2013: Celebrating 250,000 members

250,000 members eyeka

In July 2013, we have passed the 250,000 member milestone on eYeka! Two hundred and fifty thousand creative creators – how awesome is that? On our community blog, we celebrated this milestone by asking (and sharing) some creator testimonials on what they think about eYeka and whether eYeka has changed their life.

August 2013: Reinventing the shower to be more sustainable

unilever shower contest eyeka

In August, Unilever asked our community of creators to wow them with original and revolutionary designs for the next generation of showers, combining an enjoyable experience with preservation of the environment. The contest was noticed by and featured on many websites such as Triple Pundit, PSFK or The Guardian, and we received over 100 ideas from 38 countries. Unilever chose not to reveal the winning submissions for confidentiality reasons, but you can read their feedback to the participants on eYeka’s community blog.

September 2013: Releasing our new community website

eyeka com

In September, we announced the preview release of the new version of eYeka.com, temporarily hosted under eYekabeta.com. The process of redesigning eYeka.com started early on and was, of course, co-created by a design thinking approach: we asked our community for ideas and ran focus groups with creators to understand what mattered most to them. The new eYeka website is the culmination of these co-creative efforts, here is how it looked like in September.

October 2013: Our whitepaper about video content marketing

content marketing whitepaper

In a collaborative whitepaper written with contributions from Coca-Cola, Energizer, Asatsu-DK, Unruly and ThisMoment, we shared best practices in online video content marketing. Many examples are described, including the video contests for Schick’s Quattro Titanium orf or Coke’s energy drink Burn, which resulted in 135 diverse and authentic videos in just 5 weeks. At the end of the whitepaper, Joël Céré and his colleagues provide brands six practical tips for successful content creation and amplification.

November 2013: Spreading the word with our video content marketing webinar

November was another very active month: eYeka presented in Slovenia, launched in Chile, featured a data visualization created for Shazam, shared another video used by KLM for Halloween… But the highlight was our webinar about video content marketing, presented in collaboration with Unruly Media, and broadcasted on Thursday November 21st. We offered an introduction to creating, predicting and amplifying social videos that work for consumers AND for brands.

December 2013: A statement that crowdsourcing works for brands

francois petavy crwdsourcing eyeka

Finally, for the month of December, let us share a piece of thought leadership written by François Pétavy, CEO of eYeka, in Marketing Magazine. « Why crowdsourcing can solve the ‘always-on’ conundrum » makes a statement about the fact that brands can benefit from crowdsourcing as it provides them with fresh, relevant and authentic content to use online. « By unleashing a collective creative power, crowdsourcing is a catalyst to turn the social content challenge into an opportunity, » Pétavy explains.

And for 2014, we wish you a…


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