Jeremiah Owyang Launches @CrowdCompanies With eYeka in its Innovation Network

crowd-companies-innovation-networkToday, at Le Web in Paris, web strategist Jeremiah Owyang presented a speech which emphasized how the collaborative economy has changed peoples’ needs and how it impacts future business models. At the end of his presentation, he announced the launch of Crowd Companies, a brand council for the Collaborative Economy, with a mission to ignite collaboration between empowered people and resilient brands to achieve shared value. eYeka is a proud partner of the Crowd Companies Innovation Network.

In today’s fast-changing world, people are designing their own products, crowd funding and manufacturing them on their own, and then sharing them with others. Rapid advances in technology are empowering people to get the things they need from each other, they can share products with each other many times over, or they can make them on their own.

In today’s market, and over the next 10 years, the Crowd will function more and more like a company (Jeremiah Owyang)

Technologies from mobile, social, data, wearables and heavily funded startups are giving people the ability and the edge that they need to be self-reliant. Consequently, both startups and big corporations must tap the empowered crowd to create functional, new business models.

Companies of the future will need to be local, on-demand, personalized, and at scale (Jeremiah Owyang)

Acknowledging this trend, Jeremiah Owyang created Crowd Companies, a brand council with a mission to encourage and enable collaboration between today’s empowered people and resilient brands to co-create value.  The council will focus on answering how big corporations, the Brand Council Members, can be part of the sharing economy with new forms of co-innovation. As the global leader in online co-creation, eYeka is part of the Innovation Network, a group of 22 hand selected leaders from the movement that seek to explore new relationships with these big brands.


There are currently 24 brands in the Brand Council, including GE, The Home Depot, Intel, American Eagle, Hyatt, Ford, Autodesk, Visa, Barclaycard, Nestlé, Verizon, Yum! Brands, Western Union, Adobe, Kelly Services, Whole Foods, Abbott Labs, Walmart, Cisco and others. We will be building relationships with these large companies, to explore new business models and partnerships. Our aim is to allow Crowd Companies’ Brand Council Members to leverage the world’s creativity in order to create a better future together.

Find out more about Crowd Companies:

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