Our Newsletter of December 2013: Inventing the First Data-Driven Teeth Brushing App

Inventing the First Data-Driven Teeth Brushing App, ORAL-B BANNER

Oral-B is the global leader in the brushing market and its Oral-B Power brand is fast making electrical toothbrushes a popular choice. To keep its leadership position, the brand was looking for whitespace product innovations that would transform an ordinary tooth brushing experience with connected and interactive technologies, to help consumers achieve better lifelong oral health. We invited eYeka creators to tell us what a connected toothbrush should offer, and received over 60 ideas from more than 28 countries.

The ideas uncovered strong needs for more personalized dental regimens and a strong desire to turn a chore into enjoyment through gamification. In September 2013, Oral-B launched the Oral-B App, a breakthrough digital tool for brushing routines that connects with any Oral-B power brush. It automatically activates a brush timer, keeps track of brushing data, offers oral care tips as well as entertainment to make brushing time more enjoyable.

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