Five Predictions for Crowdsourcing in 2014, by @FPetavy

Click on the image to read the article

Click on the image to read the article

Early last year, François Pétavy shared his visions for crowdsourcing in 2013. He predicted that, after a long inception period, crowdsourcing would « cross the chasm » and would become mainstream in 2013. It turned out that 2013 was indeed a turnkey year for crowdsourcing – just have a look at the sheer volume of new projects in this crowdsourcing timeline and at our 2013 year review. The year 2013 was the year where crowdsourcing came of age and proved it was here to last.

What’s next? Our CEO just shared 5 key crowdsourcing trends for this New Year 2014. On, read François Petavy’s Five Predictions for Crowdsourcing in 2014.

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