Our Newsletter of January 2014: Boosting Awareness of KLM’s Mobile Services

Boosting Awareness of KLM's Mobile Services

To promote its one-stop mobile travel service to a young, tech-savvy audience across Asian markets, KLM was looking for original videos that would create online buzz. We invited eYeka creators to show us extreme situations that could happen due to smartphone addiction, showing that KLM’s mobile services can satisfy even the most demanding. A total of 4 videos were selected and amplified across Asia though media, editorial features, social influencers, promotions, ad units and social media websites.

The campaign achieved a total of 1,241,703 views, which generated an overall rate of engagement of 2.35% across 11 territories. Compared to the number of views bought, the campaign over-delivered by 42% with one video over-delivering by 64%. Including media and editorial, the campaign generated nearly 25 million OTS (Opportunities To See). The videos had a retention rate of 80% compared to a usual average of 60% – proving that eYeka’s crowdsourced content truly engaged with KLM’s young, smartphone-loving audience.

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