eYeka Presents Crowdsourcing At ADFEST 2014 With Friends @ToruFujii and @Robs_Rants


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Like previous years, eYeka is going to be a part of many conferences and advertising festivals this year. In the past, eYeka has participated in many big conferences and advertising festivals. Some of them being Cannes Lions International Festival, Crowdsourcing Week in Singapore, Ad:tech and Spikes Asia. This year, eYeka will be at ADFEST.

ADFEST has been an annual advertising festival since the 1988. It is a great platform, that allows creatives from all over the world to not only promote or gain recognition for their creativity but also gives them an opportunity to learn and thrive. Whether you are a branding professional, a marketer, a creative or a digital executive, ADK’s Toru Fujii, creative leader Rob Sherlock and eYeka’s Joël Céré will help you understand the potential and limits of crowdsourcing and how can it work for your brand.

As Gartner predicts, by 2017 the consumer goods manufacturers will receive 75% of their consumer innovation from crowdsourced solutions.  Hence understanding the implications for creative and media agencies is of utmost importance. Is crowdsourcing a boon or a bane, a friend or an enemy or a frenemy or is it merely a passing fad?

To know more, join Toru Fujii, Senior Creative Director for ADK, the first agency in the World to have embraced crowdsourcing and built a new business model around it, Rob Sherlock, former Global Creative Director for DraftFCB and creative innovation advisor and Joël Céré, Global Insights & Innovation Director for eYeka, the global market leader in marketing crowdsourcing, at ADFEST 2014, which starts next week.

Click here to see the ADFEST Program

Click here to see the ADFEST Program

About Sneha Vijaykar

Sneha has pursued her M.Cm.S (Media Research) from University of Pune and her Masters in Communication at Sciences Po, Paris, which is when she worked at eYeka as a research and communication intern. Now pursuing other opportunities, Sneha is interested in Communication, Market Research and anything related to social media topics. She has a penchant for Languages, loves to read, swim, draw and paint. You can catch her tweeting @SnehaVijaykar.
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