This 75-Year Old Man Sees The Sea For The First Time In His Life

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In December 2012, Coca Cola turned to eYeka’s co-creative community to find out, when was the last time that the creatives did something for the first time. Creatives were challenged by Coca-Cola to create high-quality films that would inspire its audiences to grab a Coca-Cola and do something for the first time, something that they were hesitant or scared of trying, but wanted to do it for an experience to cherish for a lifetime. Here’s one of the winning videos.

eYeka received more than 90 entries (see more here), and one of the winning entries was that of eYeka’s creator Marcos Pitarch and his colleague Borja Castelló. His winning entry features Joaquìn Anton, a 75-years old man who had never seen the ocean in his entire life. The video shows how Marcos and his team brought Joaquìn to the sea, capturing this beautiful experience of a man who spent his entire life in Santa Cruz, Spain, without ever getting to hear the sound of waves. His dream of visiting a beach for the first time came true.

Coca-Cola featured the winning mini-film on its brand content channel in Latin America, bringing Marcos Pitarch and his team the recognition that the spot deserved. The story was also featured on the Spanish television, as you can see in the following spots, garnering the creators fame and recognition for a beautifull « First Time » story.

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Sneha has pursued her M.Cm.S (Media Research) from University of Pune and her Masters in Communication at Sciences Po, Paris, which is when she worked at eYeka as a research and communication intern. Now pursuing other opportunities, Sneha is interested in Communication, Market Research and anything related to social media topics. She has a penchant for Languages, loves to read, swim, draw and paint. You can catch her tweeting @SnehaVijaykar.
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