A Webinar Recap on Innovation Crowd Presented by Crowd Companies @Jowyang and eYeka’s @Joelcere

On February 17th 2014, eYeka hosted a webinar in collaboration with Jeremiah Owyang, Chief Catalyst at Crowd Companies and Joel Cere, Insight Solutions Director at eYeka. They spoke about ‘Innovation Crowd with Crowd companies and eYeka.’ It was kick-started by Jeremiah, addressing the question at large, ‘Where will your company be in the next decade with new technologies moving at an accelerated pace?’

Jeremiah highlighted that making the crowd a part of the company and connecting the crowd and enabling them to lead, which in turn will contribute to company’s innovation process. He supported this, by giving an example of partnership between GE and Quirky. Jeremiah also gave 3 reasons as to why companies should make the crowd a part of the companies, by addressing growing trends like:

  1. Seeking purposeful profits – Shared value, giving people purpose
  2. Maximizing resources – Maximal use of the available resources
  3. Harnessing Crowd Innovation- Companies who tap into the crowd are more innovative and the companies do this at varied parts of the process

This was followed by Joël Cere, who commenced by addressing the audience with a Harvard Professor’s (Michael Porter) quote, “Innovation is the central issue in economic prosperity.” The world is changing fast and its getting tougher for brands to innovate hence making it pivotal for brands to be more social. Another point Joël emphasized on was, for companies to be more successful, they need to offer something to people that they can participate in and further explained that your brand needs to be connected to what consumers want.

Joël briefly spoke about how eYeka functions giving several examples of eYeka’s successful projects. Finally focusing on how to increase innovation ROI with an apt example of a successful ‘KLM’ case study. He also highlighted that, to be successful, companies must not merely see consumers as consumers or as source of insights, but also a source for ideas. Jeremiah and Joël lastly closed the webinar answering two major questions from the audience pertaining to confidentiality and intellectual property. Checkout the webinar presentation for more details!

(We originally planned to publish and share a video record or the webinar, but due to technical glitches we cannot publish the webinar recording, as it is of poor quality. Hope that the above slides will help you find out what the webinar covered)


About Sneha Vijaykar

Sneha has pursued her M.Cm.S (Media Research) from University of Pune and her Masters in Communication at Sciences Po, Paris, which is when she worked at eYeka as a research and communication intern. Now pursuing other opportunities, Sneha is interested in Communication, Market Research and anything related to social media topics. She has a penchant for Languages, loves to read, swim, draw and paint. You can catch her tweeting @SnehaVijaykar.
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