eYeka & @UnrulyMedia Join Hands to Launch a Social Content Solution for ROI-Driven Marketers

Click here to checkout the Press Release!

Click here to checkout the Press Release!

Advertisers will now be able to produce, distribute and measure end-to-end social campaigns across the web thanks to a new global partnership between marketing technology platform Unruly and eYeka, the leading crowdsourcing community. Read on to discover how you can now access a one stop solution to produce, distribute and measure social media content from eYeka’s partnership with Unruly!

Branded content is high in demand and marketers are continuously struggling to meet the needs of their social media channels for a continuous flow of fresh content. The three main areas of concern for many marketers are: firstly that creating quality social content is too time consuming and costly, secondly to determine what kind of content should be produced and thirdly, that available content lacks freshness and looks like recycled ads.

By partnering, eYeka and Unruly will address marketers’ constant need to keep up with the increasing demand to create and distribute content, through an end-to-end solution:

  • High quality, scalable and cost-effective content production through crowdsourcing: Traditional content production solutions were designed to produce a great piece of creative work every six months at high cost. Crowdsourcing content with eYeka’s creative community typically delivers 20 pieces of brand-inspired, story-rich, genuine content, with an upper range in the hundreds, at a much more affordable price. This allows a brand to sustain the conversation for the full year, especially to supplement hero campaigns;
  • The ability to predict which content has the most potential to get shared: Unruly ShareRank™ is a proprietary algorithm that allows advertisers to accurately predict the ‘shareability’ of a video, before it’s even launched. This allows advertisers to maximize the impact of their content marketing strategy by calculating the amount of earned media a video is likely to attract across the social web;
  • A comprehensive paid distribution strategy, with real-time tracking: Unruly Activate™ is a cloud-hosted platform for social video distribution and tracking which reaches one billion consumers worldwide and powers your entire campaign. You can also use Unruly Analytics to get instant information on the ROI of your paid and earned media.

This partnership will help your brand to be ‘Always-On’!

About Sneha Vijaykar

Sneha has pursued her M.Cm.S (Media Research) from University of Pune and her Masters in Communication at Sciences Po, Paris, which is when she worked at eYeka as a research and communication intern. Now pursuing other opportunities, Sneha is interested in Communication, Market Research and anything related to social media topics. She has a penchant for Languages, loves to read, swim, draw and paint. You can catch her tweeting @SnehaVijaykar.
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