New eYeka Platform To Help Brands, Agencies Discover Hidden Creative Talents

new website

new website

We have just rolled out a totally redesigned website with a heavy focus on the creative individuals who form our global community and the human stories behind crowdsourcing projects. Check it out at

The new homepage features some of our creators like Rangga and Citra from Indonesia, who managed to finance their wedding thanks to the prize money won in a crowdsourcing contest for Danone.

After months of research and testing, our team, led by Nicolas Borgis, VP Product, has created a responsive website in 12 different languages, allowing creative individuals from across the globe to participate in creative contests for brands and their agencies.

One of the major changes is the introduction of new profile pages, which display the past and present activity of individuals, a personal description, social networks and the brands they have worked with on eYeka. Showcasing the number of contests they have won, and for which brand, now provides greater incentives for creative talents to share their profile and portfolio with peers.

On the profile page, eYeka also displays a Creative Score which reflects past interest, active engagement and success on the crowdsourcing platorm’s contests. This creative score takes into consideration various elements such as submitting entries to contests, answering to Quick Questions and being chosen as a winner by eYeka’s clients. The creative score has the potential to help brands source creative talents more easily.

Another innovation introduced by eYeka in the crowdsourcing field is the creation of the Feedback Circle, a novel way for creatives to provide their peers with feedback in non-confidential contests. When a participant’s submission is being accepted by eYeka’s Community Support Representatives, the participant can then browse the submissions of other contributors and give them feedback in the form of ratings (quality, originality and storytelling) as well as comments.

eYeka also adapted its website to its users’ requirements by adding a contest timeline that sums up important deadlines on a single visual design above the brief. At the end of a contest, after the announcement of the winners by eYeka’s clients, the contest page automatically links to a results page that sums up all important contest statistics, provides winners’ quotes as well as, more importantly, feedback from the brand to all participants and to the winners. Whenever applicable, the results page will also feature the outcome of the project, be it a successful campaign or a product launch. By doing so, eYeka answers a crucial need for feedback in creative crowdsourcing and plugs the gap for more comprehensive ROI data on crowdsourcing projects.

Being responsive, eYeka’s new website can now be accessed and browsed across various mobile devices, making interaction with brands easier and approachable for creative individuals. The increasing focus on mobile and tablet access is one of many innovations that eYeka, whose mission it is to connect the world’s undiscovered creative talents with brand and agencies, is introducing over the course of this year.

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