Presenting eYeka’s Updated Brand Identity and Brand Book

eYeka Brand Book 2014

Since 2006, when eYeka has been created in Paris, many things have evolved. From the business model to our online platform, the company has changed in many positive ways, and we are working on even more innovations for the future. As part of our evolution, and to leverage the eYeka brand to the maximum of its potential, we thought that we had to revamp our brand identity. Timely with the release of our new community website, let me walk you through our new eYeka brand identity and its reference document, the eYeka Brand Book.


eYeka, A World of Ideas for Better Brands

Since its creation in 2006, when eYeka was founded as a platform for creative amateurs to showcase and sell user-generated content (something in the middle of today’s user-generated content platforms like YouTube or Flickr, and professional content solutions like production agencies), eYeka’s activity has evolved into a creative crowdsourcing platform. This means that we organize creative contests for brands and organizations, leveraging the community of creative individuals to not only co-create content but also innovate marketing and communication with fresh creative ideas and insights.

eYeka was the first company that understood that consumers’ creative talents could be leveraged beyond co-creation of content to co-creation of marketing innovation. Hence, eYeka’s mission (still) is to leverage the world’s creativity to enable organizations and people to create a better future together. If you think about it, it’s not that different from the original vision.

eYeka’s mission is to leverage the world’s creativity to enable organizations and people to create a better future together


The first step of our brand redesign was to think about the logo. A logo is like a baby: you see its birth, you see it grow up and evolve, and you don’t want to change too much about it because you are proud of it. But it has to adapt anyway. Our logo did change in the past already…

eYeka logo evolution

…but we still wanted to change it slightly, because it is a pain to have a tagline associated to a logo, and because we wanted to refresh it based on current brand and web design trends. We chose to remove the pink dot and to place « eYeka » in a dark grey circle. Since no one at eYeka wanted the pink color to vanish completely, we decided to have the below pink and blue as our primary colors. Check it out:

2014 eyeka logo


We have always been into pink. I guess you understood that already, and if you look at what eYeka looked like in the early days, you will recognize the eYeka pink. We still love that color, but sometimes it is difficult to articulate an entire brand identity around one single color, so we decided to give our eYeka pink a big brother, the eYeka grey, and a little sister, the eYeka blue.

eYeka Colors for Print & Web


We want to keep it short here. For those who want to find our more about eYeka, its history, its meaning, the colors, the fonts… just have a look at the embedded version below. You can donwload it and share it wide and far. As to the brand assets, they are available for everyone on our Press Kit page.


A brand book is good, but creative brand usage is better. With my creative juices flowing to create the above document, I wanted to provide eYeka fans with some cool desktop backgrounds.  So I played with the logo (note: never change the logo except in this case – brand book policy!) and included it in some wallpaper designs.

Here they are, free for everyone to use:

About Fabien Bazire

Fabien is graphic designer and webdesigner at eYeka for 2 years. He is responsible for, and guarantor of, the graphic charter of the company. He got his "Infographiste Director Page" and "Multi Media Graphic Designer" degrees in 2012. He is also passionate about art and crafts, but he also loves sports (running, krav maga ...), music, cinema and reading (historical fiction). Visit his blog at
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