SemioFest 2014, A Celebration of Semiotic Thinking, Co-Organized by @ChrisArning in Shanghai


A couple of weeks ago we posted a blog post by Chris Arning about the benefits of using semiotics in crowdsourcing, in which he explained how using semiotics, a powerful meaning extraction tool, that can be applied to creative work of any kind. But Chris is not only a trusted partner of eYeka, he is also a thought leader and industry specialist, co-organizer of SemioFest, « a celebration of semiotic thinking to propagate top class applied semiotic thinking in an inclusive manner. » SemioFest 2014 will be held in Shanghai.

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After a SemioFest 2012 in London and SemioFest 2013 in Barcelona, the theme of Semiofest 2014 is « Global Meets Local: A Cross-cultural Celebration of Semiotic Thinking. » Some of the highlight presentations so far include:

  •  Combining Netnography and Structural Semiotics to Pre-assess the Efficiency of a Communication Campaign on Facebook, by Anne-Flore Maman Larraufie, Ph.D.
  • A talk on the diversity of « diversity » (presentation + interactive session) by Malcolm Evans.
  • Meaning and cultural role of technology, Science fiction and Star Wars in China, by Panos Dimitropoulos (Added Value)
  • Cultural roles of Chinese women in contemporary times and implications for brands; how these roles create new typologies of women, by Jo Yi (Added Value)
  • Urban semiotics: decoding in the city, by Shanghai Flaneur

Semiofest 2014 will be happening on May 23-24, 2014 at the V Art Center in Shanghai’s M50 Creative Industries Park. Chris and his team will also be organizing two additional fun activities on the 3rd day of Semiofest 2014 (May 25th). Besides the main program, they will have a training for those who would like to be updated of the newest semiotics techniques and insights. On the other hand, they extend the theme of urban semiotics with Shanghai Flaneur walks, several special routes being customized for attendeed to decode and experience the Shanghai city!

Chris’ presentation at SemioFest 2013, Barcelona, about « What semiotics contribute to iconic triggers in the brain. »

If you are interested in booking a ticket, feel free to write back or send an email to; the SemioFest team in Shanghai will follow-up on the registration. Or visit the website by clicking on the link below:

Click on the image to access the SemioFest 2014 website

Click on the image to access the SemioFest 2014 website

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