What Makes eYeka’s Indian Community So Special?

Indian eYeka communityThe next creative playground that is waiting to be explored and is looking to grow is the Indian co-creative community of eYeka. The Indian community is not as big as the Indonesian or the French community or the Russian community, but has around 10,000 creators from across India. See how different is the Indian community.

The Indian community members come from different parts of India, which is majorly divided in four distinct parts (North, South, East and West) and is divided in 28 states overall – and each state is different from the other. Discover three of our most talented Indian creators in this post.

eYeka being a global co-creative platform, it gives the Indian creatives a chance to showcase their talent on an international stage and get their work some recognition. Participating on a global platform also tells them what is expected from them as creators from an international perspective, based on creative briefs that come directly from the world’s biggest brands. With each submission they seek to improve and tweak their approach towards their next project for which their entry can be accepted.

Here are some key aspects that make the Indian community special:

  • Language has never been a real problem for our Indian community because most of them speak English nearly as good as the natives. Hence, it has been smooth for the community managers to converse with them regarding projects and having interactions with them.
  • The Indian community is active, participative and interactive. They largely love participating in big and well-known brand contests, such as the brands like Hyundai, Microsoft, Toyota and so on. But they are also very keen to explore new contests for unknown brands and explore their creativity.
  • Their forte is graphic design as we have a maximum number of creatives working on graphic design contests, closely followed by package design, creative writing and illustrations.

Asia, and particularly India, has always been the area of interest for many international brands, and there is a great scope to grow in this market. But due to cultural complexity and diversity of the market, it has been very difficult for many brands to tap into this market. Brands can use eYeka’s Indian creative community to tap into the market to gain access to insights, but also to get ideas for projects that target completely different countries in the world!

Meet some of our winning Indian community members below. They have been active on eYeka for years and share some of their feelings about eYeka’s contests, clients and their general creative activity:


Chandan Rout, commonly known as Chandandesigner at eYeka, is one of the most active creators amongst the Indians within the eYeka’s community. He is professionally a creative person (creative head of a company) and likes indulging in graphic design contests. He has a great potential and at times has submitted as many as two ideas for the same competition and has got prizes for both his submissions. He has won so far, 12 contests for brands like Hyundai, Oreo, Paul Gaultier and so on. All the contests that he has won are graphic designs. About eYeka, he says:

eYeka has time and again lived up to its reputation as a co-creation community in the truest sense. First and foremost, what I love about this community is the quality of the briefs that are turned out for each brand. The clear cut and specific approach enables the person to understand the brief easily. Each brief for me is a chance to do some good creative work that stands apart from what one does in their daily routine. Last, hats off to the eYeka team for being extremely responsive and pro-active when it comes to dealing with any doubts or queries, it’s a huge help.


Alok Seth, known as Alz19 across eYeka, is another Indian creator who is creative and nails the brief to the tee. He is very innovative in his approach and tries to incorporate all the key aspects from a given brief. He has tried to explore his talent by participating in many confidential contests and sometimes in contests launched by big brands, like Heineken. He has won prizes for 5 contests on the eYeka platform. He is an engineer by profession and participates in contests as eYeka helps him pursue his passion of creating animations and story telling. This is what he wants to say about eYeka;

I found eYeka to be a very friendly platform and I could speak out what I really wanted. Initially I was very skeptical about my venturing into the unknown waters but my success with my initial project and the friendly attitude of the community managers made it a place which I liked and wanted to stay with. My association is nearly 5 years old and I have seen gradual changes in eYeka for the better. eYeka is my favorite community because the projects are unique, diverse and gives me a great opportunity to interact with brands. It is the best place for people with new ideas.

tagore eyeka

Nandita Basu, commonly known as Tagore around eYeka, joined eYeka 3 years back. She too likes indulging in graphic design, she is free spirited and channels her creativity by participating in eYeka’s creative contests. She comes up with unique and exciting ideas and designs. She so far has won 5 prizes for contests hosted by big brands like Hyundai and other brands that have launched confidential contests.

I participate in contests simply because it’s fun. I am restless by nature and I constantly need to engage myself in a creative process. And each time there is a new brief on eYeka that takes my fancy, it helps me engage myself. When I got the news that I won, I feel GREAT! Hope it won’t just stop at this. I get an adrenalin rush just when I am working on a brief.  And that process itself is my inspiration.

There are many other talented Indian creators on eYeka’s community, in this post we are just presenting you three of them. As Indian creators continue to join the eYeka platform daily (yes, daily!), Indian creativity is waiting to be unleashed! Want to find out more about eYeka’s members, check out this mosaic on eYeka.com.

About Sneha Vijaykar

Sneha has pursued her M.Cm.S (Media Research) from University of Pune and her Masters in Communication at Sciences Po, Paris, which is when she worked at eYeka as a research and communication intern. Now pursuing other opportunities, Sneha is interested in Communication, Market Research and anything related to social media topics. She has a penchant for Languages, loves to read, swim, draw and paint. You can catch her tweeting @SnehaVijaykar.
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