Watch @JoelCere Talk About The ROI Of Crowdsourcing at @CrowdWeek Singapore

The year 2014 saw its second Crowdsourcing Week Global summit, which was held from April 7th to 11th 2014 in Singapore. Joël Céré, Global Director, Insights & Innovation Solutions at eYeka spoke about “What is your Return on Crowdsourcing” at large. Read on to know what Joël talked about; and to find out where eYeka will be presenting next at Crowdsourcing Week (hint: in Europe).

Joël commenced his presentation by quoting the late management guru, Peter Drucker,

“If you cannot measure it , you cannot manage it”.

It is the same thing with crowdsourcing, i.e. if one does not have clear objectives or clear KPI’s or if one doesn’t know what to measure and how to measure it, then one would have no idea if you are doing it right or whether it is a success. Joël followed this by a brief introduction about eYeka and how eYeka solves marketing, communication or new product challenges, by tapping into the collective creative power of the crowd and bringing clients a fresh perspective by tapping into its creative community of around 300,000 creatives spread across 160 countries.

Furthermore, Joël spoke about how to reach your ROI through crowdsourcing. Basically, it comes down to (1) efficiency, (2) relevance and (3) effectiveness. Finally, he wrapped up the presentation by briefly talking about the successful projects done for SFR (French telco company), Hyundai for their campaign ‘Live Brilliant’, Oral-B, Coca-Cola, Schick Quattro and KLM by eYeka.

What’s next?

CSW Brussels

The next stop to meet eYeka at Crowdsourcing Week, is in Brussels, Belgium on 5th-6th June 2014. Nicolas Borgis, Vice-President of Product will talk about ‘Online Co-Creation: How Naive Experts can Help Brands Generate Breakthrough.’ See you there?

About Sneha Vijaykar

Sneha has pursued her M.Cm.S (Media Research) from University of Pune and her Masters in Communication at Sciences Po, Paris, which is when she worked at eYeka as a research and communication intern. Now pursuing other opportunities, Sneha is interested in Communication, Market Research and anything related to social media topics. She has a penchant for Languages, loves to read, swim, draw and paint. You can catch her tweeting @SnehaVijaykar.
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