You Won’t Believe Who Inspired Unilever’s “Dirt Is Good” TVC

Do you believe that good ideas can come from anywhere? Here’s a case in point: As part of its multi-brands communication platform “Dirt Is Good”, Unilever was looking to show mums that letting their children get dirty was a good way to foster their personal development. To seek some fresh and authentic ideas, Unilever turned to the eYeka community, asking its creators to submit print ads and videos that tell unconventional and surprising stories about mums teaching their children important lessons through dirt and stains.

In 1 month, we received 88 ideas from 29 countries – the top countries being France, China, Indonesia, Russia and India. The winners, however, came from other countries. While the first prize for print ads went to a young creator from Switzerland (“Edulien” on eYeka), the first prize for video went to a German named Florian Genal (“Flojoart” on eYeka).

Watch it here:

The most surprising thing is that Flojoart is not a professional animation artist! He is a dancer, acrobat and choreographer who tours all over Europe with his three-men dancing crew “Fette Moves.” He started creating 3D animations to make his dance performances more lively with animated backgrounds, and he sees eYeka as a creative playground to express his creativity and improve his 3D skills.

Flojoart’s creative idea inspired Unilever’s Breeze Active Bleach TVC in the Philippines. In the spot, a mother encourages her son to fully enjoy a football game by dirtying his brand new, spotless football shoes. “Binyagan na yan!” – literally means “baptizing the shoes” or breaking them so they are ready to work.

Watch the TVC here:

This case shows that good ideas cross borders and cultures. Flojoart was thrilled that the brand liked his idea and proud to have inspired a nationally-run TVC for Unilever. His €6,000 prize money will bring him one step closer to fulfil his dream of studying 3D animation and becoming a professional animation artist.

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